Bold TV Accelerates Its Engagement in Q1 With Anyword's AI Copywriting Platform

In Q1 of 2022, Bold TV creatives powered by Anyword have generated over 1.7 million impressions and over 700,000 video views.

Reaching the right audience with relevant content is a challenge for any publisher or brand. In a recent case study, Anyword, a data-driven AI copywriting platform that optimizes text for a specific target audience, explains how it worked with nonprofit Bold TV to generate click-worthy copy that engages target audiences and builds more loyal readership.

Bold TV is a nonprofit that aims to educate and inspire young adults through financial, cultural, and political content. By combining Anyword's years of experience with Facebook algorithms and knowledge of creative best practices with its artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting platform, it was able to generate engaging copy for Bold TV ads that resonated with millennials and Gen Z, bringing in nearly 1.7 million impressions and more than 700,000 video views in the first few months of 2022.

Anyword helped identify and target key demographics, creating ads that generated over $25,000 in spend. Eighty-four percent of Bold TV's viewers targeted with ads run by Anyword fell between the ages of 24 to 44, Bold TV's target millennial demographic. Not only did Anyword deliver a high-value targeted audience, but it also delivered cost savings with lower CPMS and cost-per-video view.

"Anyword has proven itself to be an indispensable partner of ours and is a critical element of our growth story," said David Grasso, CEO of Bold TV. "Anyword's turn-key solutions to social media marketing on Facebook have saved us thousands of hours of work, maximized our return on investment, and helped us solidify our standing as a reputable non-profit media brand."

Using Anyword's unique Predictive Performance Score, Bold TV was able to score AI-generated copy variations for performance across audiences and demographic groups to identify the content most likely to improve engagement.

"With Anyword's copy generator tool, you can get more conversions and drive more sales," said Yaniv Makover, co-founder and CEO of Anyword. "Using our AI script generator along with our powerful predictive analytics, you know what's going to work before you spend your ad dollars."

With Anyword, businesses can generate high-performing AI copywriting and marketing copy for every channel and format across social media, blog posts, email campaigns, SMS, landing pages, product pages, ad copy, and more.

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About Bold TV
Bold TV is a non-profit media outlet focused on financial and cultural literacy for the millennial and Gen Z generations. Bold TV elevates diverse voices that are often avoided by the mainstream media and builds bridges through bipartisan content. We celebrate the entrepreneur and their hustle and highlight the importance of financial knowledge and empowerment.

About Anyword
Anyword, formerly known as Keywee, uses AI and natural language processing to develop effective, performance-driven marketing language so that marketers communicate to consumers using text that yields the highest-level results and meets conversion goals. Anyword's AI-generated text is coupled with an intuitive scoring system that ranks text, predicting results so that marketers can measure performance prior to launching a campaign and avoid costly and time-consuming A/B tests.

With predictive performance, marketers know, in advance, how well text will perform with each audience base. Based in New York, Anyword was founded in 2013, and in its most recent Series B funding round, secured $21 million led by Innovation Endeavors. To learn more about Anyword, please visit

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