Bold Collective Launches AudioSpot, Effortless Audio Advertising


Bold Collective, one of the largest independent growth marketing agencies, launches a new self-service digital audio platform, AudioSpot. Bold Collective is excited to announce the addition of their fourth growth marketing division, AudioSpot, which complements their existing digital audio marketplace.

Dan Alexander, CEO of Bold Collective, says, "In our history of delivering digital audio budgets, we have found a gap in supporting the buy side for digital audio brands and agencies. AudioSpot fills that gap, by offering an independent, audio first, self-service ad platform with access to all the major digital audio inventory sources, with no harsh contracts and no monthly minimums." Additionally, AudioSpot offers their clients the ability to create an audio ad within 24 hours for almost nothing, with access to hundreds of script examples and voice over options. 

Digital audio ad spending, which is set to hit just under $7 billion in ad spend in 2023, needs a platform like AudioSpot to help brands and agencies with smaller, more localized budgets dip their toe away from traditional terrestrial radio models, and see the true value of digital audio. AudioSpot is designed to help tackle audience-measured buys, along with performance-based objectives like using digital audio inventory to drive mobile user acquisition. Alexander continues, "We see the mobile audio space especially being a prime spot for larger brands to look at customer acquisition, especially mobile apps."

The AudioSpot platform features a "create, build & launch" approach that makes it effortless for any brand to take a campaign live and see results within minutes. With features like inventory forecasting, creatives services, and real-time reporting, along with their no campaign minimums, they see this offering disrupting the brand direct audio market very soon.

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