Boca Raton Car Wash Has Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

On Saturday, October 28, Rubber Ducky Car Wash unveiled its brand new state of the art car spa tunnel. Located on Federal Highway just north of Glades Road, Rubber Ducky is looking to make a splash with their local customers. Boca Raton as a community continues to push the envelope on luxury service and Rubber Ducky Car Wash looks to continue that effort. In additional to a brand new tunnel with best in class services, Rubber Ducky is also remodeling their lobby and waiting area to maximize the customer experience. You’ll now be able to experience “Tunnel Vision” as you watch your vehicle, through 50 feet of new viewing windows, move from luxury station to luxury station receiving the highest end car wash found in Boca Raton.

This upgrade comes as a serious investment for the for the family owned car wash. When the owner, Paolo Weston, was asked what made him commit to such a large capital cost his answer may come as a surprise, “I’ve grown up in South Florida and as I see the community work together to make strives to improve, I believe it falls on the small business owners to spearhead that change.”

This overhaul looks to help separate Rubber Ducky Car Wash from the rest of the pack. The car wash space in Boca Raton continues to be incredibly competitive with over a dozen different options throughout the city. The competition will certainly need to take notice as Rubber Ducky looks to become the primary destination for luxury car washing and detailing. Simply walk into the new lobby and you’ll be able to watch your vehicle receive a spa quality treatment, including everything from Armor All Shine Wax to RainX car protection.

In a world of first of impressions, Rubber Ducky looks to leave both cars and their owners with a shining experience. Whether you’re looking for a deep inside out cleaning for your daily driver or a bubble bath for your weekend hot rod, Rubber Ducky has the service for you. Either way, you can relax and enjoy the tunnel vision of watching your car get the Lucky Ducky treatment.

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