Bob Miller, Author, Has Just Completed His First Novel

Based in St. Cloud, MN, where the author grew up and went to school, The Smart Kid is a mystery/thriller about a young man who is being chased by a shadowy government organization in 1979. It is available at

Although The Smart Kid by Bob Miller is a stand-alone story, there are four more books planned for the series. The first drafts are already written. Miller expects to release one book a year.

To learn more about the The Smart Kid by Bob Miller, visit Miller’s website at and his Facebook page at BobMillerAuthor.

A new author, Miller participated in the local Rochester Writer’s group that meets monthly at the public library.

Bob Miller is a magician who has performed for years around the Rochester area, and has performed table-side magic in dozens of restaurants. 

Like the main character in Miller’s novel, Miller also uses magic and misdirection to remain free.


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