BluWave-ai Debuts AI Optimization of EV Fleet in Dubai

BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator shows 13% improvement in efficiency for COP28 Tesla taxi fleet connected via Smartcar’s vehicle API

BluWave-ai in Dubai

Aligned with COP28 Transport Day and the UAE's sustainability goals, BluWave-ai announced the results of a revolutionary AI software-driven energy optimization solution for a fleet of 200 Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) in a world’s first-ever achievement. This builds on a previous partnership announcement between BluWave-ai and Dubai Taxi which operates a large fleet of Tesla EVs.

The solution, BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator automatically solves the problem of when, where, and by how much an EV taxi should charge in order to be charged and ready for service at the right times and avoid missing out on trips while charging. The system optimizes road network and charging/grid side operations in real-time, 24x7 eliminating the need for human operators to manually make decisions to deal with operational challenges. It also reacts to changes in the road network as well as in the charging infrastructure availability.

The deployment of BluWave-ai’s EV Fleet Orchestrator with the electric vehicle fleet has demonstrated significant improvement in operating efficiency for the overall fleet compared to the non-AI optimized baselines:

  • 12% increase in revenue from the EV fleet
  • 13% increase in EV paid trip distance driven
  • 52% decrease in fossil fueled vehicle km driven to cover EVs while they charge
  • Reduced or eliminated need for fast charging, which will result in extended EV battery life.

The results show that by saving operational costs, the system quickly pays for itself. As part of the solution, a dashboard is included that provides an easy comprehensive view of the savings and reduction in emissions.

BluWave-ai's EV Fleet Orchestrator solution runs on a comprehensive city-wide taxi trip demand model built from trip records spanning multiple years of taxi operations. It pulls in operating data from the EV taxi fleet in real time using a direct over-the-air telematics integration to Tesla vehicles via the Smartcar API, as a result of a partnership between the two companies. By registering the UAE-based Tesla taxis with BluWave-ai via the Smartcar API, real-time data on taxi telematics and state of charge was instantly fed to AI models. These models predicted where and when to best charge and position vehicles for fare maximization while maximizing electric miles on the road and using energy at favourable times for the grid.

"Smartcar is proud to bring our vehicle API technology to the BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator," said Sahas Katta, CEO of Smartcar, "This partnership is pivotal in helping reduce carbon emissions from vehicle fleets by enabling BluWave-ai to seamlessly integrate with Dubai Tesla EV fleets, power AI-driven optimization, and accelerate the path to realizing operational benefits.”

“By hooking up our EV Fleet Orchestrator to the network, once live data comes through to the cloud and starts training models, it quickly is able to optimize the system performance and deploy those models tuned for the UAE market,” said Devashish Paul, BluWave-ai founder and CEO. “We are proud to have an AI system with flowing data from street networks during COP28 working with our cloud-based AI platform in an optimal manner.”

To learn more about BluWave-ai’s EV Fleet Orchestrator and how to deploy for your electric vehicle fleet, or to schedule a free consultation meeting at COP28 Dubai with BluWave-ai CEO and lead technical staff, contact

Source: BluWave-ai