Blusafe Introduces New Smart Lock With Biometric Fingerprint Sensor for Ultimate Home Security

Offering Bank-Level Security and Convenience for Homes with Blusafe's Latest Smart Lock.

Blusafe is a brand that is committed to improving the age-old product of door locks by using advanced technology to make homes more secure and convenient. The family behind Blusafe has a long history in the traditional lock industry, and they saw an opportunity to use technology to improve home security. As a result, Blusafe provides advanced smart locks for home, office, and personal items.

Their latest VC01 smart lock is made of solid zinc alloy material, ensuring the highest quality and durability to prevent any possibility of forced unlocking. The smart lock locks automatically when the door is closed, eliminating the need for manual operation or setting. An alarm can be triggered to scare away suspicious people when being forced to unlock or attacked. With no risk of invasion, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind even when they're away from home.

The smart lock also features a remote control with a doorbell camera, allowing homeowners to monitor their home security constantly. When someone rings the doorbell, the camera takes a photo and immediately sends a notification to the homeowner's phone. Users can then send a one-time password or slide to unlock the door in the app. In addition, Blusafe's smart lock is designed to fit both right and left-handed doors, and it can be easily installed with a screwdriver without hiring an expensive installer.

One of the most innovative features of the Blusafe smart lock is its bank-level secure biometric fingerprint sensor. Unlike optical fingerprints, the fingerprint door lock accurately identifies the homeowner's fingerprint within 0.5 seconds, with a resolution of up to 508 dpi.

In addition, this technology avoids unlocking by copied fingerprints, and the sensor can store up to 100 fingerprints, making it easy to share with family, friends, dog walkers, housekeepers, and others.

The smart lock is designed for long run time, with the required 8 AA batteries (not included) providing at least 6 months of operation. A low-power voice prompt will be activated when the battery is below 20%, and when out of power, the WiFi smart door lock remains locked and supports an emergency power supply via a USB port.

Blusafe's smart lock is the perfect solution for homeowners who value security and convenience. The brand is dedicated to creating high-quality, high-tech smart locks for homes, offices, and personal items. In addition, they are constantly exploring new possibilities to improve their products and make homes more secure.

Blusafe is a brand committed to improving home security and convenience by using advanced technology to enhance traditional door locks. To learn more about Blusafe's products and to purchase them, visit their official store.

Source: Blusafe