BlueWhale Research Launches Digital Programmatic Display and Social Audience Solution to Enable B2B Advertisers to Target With Precision

BlueWhale empowers advertisers to create highly customized campaigns and maximize engagement.

BlueWhale Research

BlueWhale Research, Inc., a trusted provider of specialized and innovative demand generation services to leading B2B Technology organizations, today announced expansion in its product portfolio with the launch of AUDIENCE. 

BlueWhale AUDIENCE empowers B2B marketers to target digital advertising with unparalleled sophistication and efficiency. Through a blend of the Company’s well-known quality and security-compliance standards, specialized B2B insights, and strategic integrations with the advertising technology software solutions that matter, marketers can now access niche audience segments and refine their targeting strategies with precision.

Advertisers can significantly enhance their targeting strategies by leveraging a combination of job roles, functions, firmographics, and specialized technology intelligence like past purchases and installs through partnership with HG Insights. This comprehensive set of audience segment selection criteria empowers advertiser clients to create highly customized and effective campaigns, reaching the right individuals within the best-fit target companies, ultimately maximizing campaign engagement and driving impactful results.

“Our tradition of and commitment to delivering tangible ROI for our demand generation customers is constant, reliable, and very well-known,” said James Oberhausen, President and General Manager of BlueWhale Research. “With the launch of AUDIENCE, we are delighted to offer more opportunities for our clients and agency partners to enjoy the dedicated service and positive outcomes that are characteristic of BlueWhale’s offerings. Digital advertising teams are a new focus for us in our customer base and agency partnerships. Our attention to this important and complex function in marketing and broader go-to-market organizations promises to deliver tremendous value for everyone in 2024 and beyond.”

In addition to providing access to specialized and high-quality segment criteria, the Company has made it possible for advertisers to leverage their existing advertising infrastructure efficiently. By investing in the most common integrations where B2B advertisers consume third party audiences often, BlueWhale empowers businesses to access AUDIENCE very quickly and easily.

Buyers can find AUDIENCE segments from top levels of the Company’s taxonomy in leading ad technology marketplaces. For more detailed and collaborative segmentation strategies, advertisers can engage BlueWhale directly for solutions to solve campaign objectives.

About BlueWhale Research, Inc.:

BlueWhale advances B2B conversation and engagement by combining the largest sources of business identities with the leading sources of predictive intent and intelligence. Our specialized IP provides effective data verification and delivery insulated by rigorous data protection and compliance. With a commitment to quality, transparency, and innovation that gets B2B revenue teams closer to the close, we have been at the forefront of demand generation since 2013.

Source: BlueWhale Research, Inc.