BLUETTI's Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

BLUETTI Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Flowers and chocolates are never a bad choice for the upcoming Mother's Day (Sunday, May 8), but if considering something special, it's lucky that BLUETTI has rounded up some gift ideas to make her smile from ear to ear on this big day.

AC300+B300 Combo - An Expandable Power Center 
($3,499, was $3,798)
For the mom who likes RV trips or camping, she'll definitely love this combo. AC300 is 100% modular without a built-in battery and can connect with up to four B300 battery packs for a 12,288Wh capacity. The BLUETTI Fusion Box Pro can combine two such units in the series and even boost to a massive 24,576Wh/ 6000W/ 240V, which is sure to cover all her power needs along the road. 

EP500/EP500Pro - The New Era of Home Power Backup   
(EP500-$4,399, was $4,599; EP500Pro-$4,999, was $5,999)  
Mom always takes on most of the housework at home. While unexpected power failure will easily drive her crazy. The EP500/EP500Pro solar generator should be on the top of the list when choosing a residential emergency power supply. Give mom the convenience to enhance her woman power. By connecting with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, remote control can be easily done on the cellphone. Release mom's stress and prepare for outages anytime. 

AC200MAX - Versatile Power Monster 
($1,899, was $1,999) 
Mother's Day is a nice chance to set aside time and have a family gathering. Place an AC200MAX by the table to make the happy hour with mom last longer. Being one of the most popular models in the BLUETTI Store, the AC200MAX features 16 outputs to run multiple devices at once. It can be recharged in seven ways, the maximum 1400W input rate allows it to top up to full within 2 hours.

EB70S - Pack Lighter, Travel Further   
($549, was $599)  
EB70S will be a surprising gift for her because of its portability, which is highly competitive in the latest market. The easy-to-carry handle is constructed to save her hassle when moving from one place to another. Simply hook up with BLUETTI solar panels PV120 or PV200 to make it a remarkable power source with endless green energy.

In addition, BLUETTI will launch a #BLUETTIwithMom campaign on Mother's Day, inviting members to share photos and the sweetest moment/story with their mom for a chance to win a free BLUETTI power station. Follow BLUETTI on Instagram to learn more.

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