BLUETTI Officially Unveils EB3A Solar Generator

BLUETTI has announced a new portable power station - EB3A, boasting ultra-fast charging capability, upgraded LiFePO4 battery, sufficient outputs and smart power management. Keep reading to check out why EB3A stands out.    

What's So Special About EB3A
Super Fast Recharging (30 minutes to 80%)
0 to 80% in only 30 minutes(AC+solar). Turbo Charging makes sure the EB3A is always ready.
Ultra-durable 268Wh LiFePO4 Battery
Provides 2,500+ life cycles, better performance, and less environmental impact.
600W/1200W(Surge) Inverter
Ensures a super fast recharge and offers less downtime but more do-time.
9 Output Ports
Enough to cover your basic needs.
2×AC (600W in total)
1×100W USB-C
2×15W USB-A
1×12V10A cigarette lighter
1×Wireless charging pad
200W Solar Input 
Fully recharge the EB3A with PV200 solar panel in just two hours. Go for an off-grid living anytime with no fear of losing power and high cost. 
Intuitive App
Allows for a quicker access to the device and presents real-time information on every vital metrics.

Smart Battery Management System
Monitors and protects EB3A from risks like short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, overload or overheating.
Designed with Portability In Mind
EB3A is a compelling option with weighing only 10 pounds whether working around the house or heading out to the nature.

When You Could Use EB3A
Power Outages
No worries about power outages. EB3A holds enough juices to keep your essentials (phone, light, and fridge) running until power comes back on.
Outdoor Recreations & Adventures
If you're a real outdoorsy type, bring EB3A with you. Powering cameras, drones, smartphones, laptops or GPS devices at ease.

Where To Buy & More Info
Super Early Bird Price With The Code: EB3ANEWS
Starts at C$309 (was $399. 23% off ). 
EB3A + 1*PV200 Solar Panel
Starts at C$889 (was C$998. 11% off ).
EB3A + 1*PV120 Solar Panel 
Starts at C$689 (was C$798. 14% off ).
Limited Time: EDT 10:00PM,10th July--EDT 10:00PM, 31st July

With over 10 years of experience in the energy storage industry, BLUETTI is committed to building the world's best power stations for van dwellers, explorers, and off-grid life.

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With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future through green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use while delivering an exceptional eco-friendly experience for everyone and the world. BLUETTI is making its presence in 70+ countries and is trusted by millions of customers across the globe. For more information, please visit BLUETTI online at

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