Bluett & Associates and Ethan Conrad Go Viral With a Public Thank You to Law Enforcement

Thank you Officers of the Law - Bluett & Associates and Ethan Conrad go Viral with a Public Thank You!

Viral Thank you

Bluett & Associates, Inc., a national real estate service firm, based in Sacramento has rented advertising on the Sacramento Electronic Billboard on Highway 50 at CSUS for the week. Lori Bluett, owner of Bluett & Associates,  has become fed up with recent criticisms and lack of support of the men and woman of service in our communities.   Lori worked with Clear Channel Advertising and Graphic Designer Jason PAIR design, LLC in Sacramento to design and run the above Thank You All Law Enforcement ad that will be ran 1200+ times a day for seven days this week.

"Many of us have jobs that are sometimes thankless.  But our law enforcement has this everyday. Thankless, tireless, 24/7 they stand at the ready for us and risk their lives!  Its time for business and people that they keep safe to say Thank You. For $1500 for a week on an electronic billboard, we challenge every other company in Sacramento and beyond to say Thank you loudly and publicly," says Lori Bluett.

Lori used Facebook to challenge other Sacramento and national business owners to do the same thing to keep the ad on electronic billboards for Law Enforcement to see the companies that support them.  Sacramento’s Commercial Real Estate Executive, Ethan Conrad, and another local anonymous Broker have stepped up to keep the add running for the following two weeks in Sacramento under their logos. Also, several other companies in other states have picked up on Lori’s Facebook challenge and will be running the same ad in their communities.  Let’s keep this going and get it across the country. 

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