BlueInk eSignatures and the American Bar Association's 'Blueprint' Team Up to Enhance the Legal Industry's Operations Through eSignature Technology

ABA BluePrint and BlueInk eSignatures

BlueInk announced its partnership as provider on the American Bar Association’s Blueprint with the goal of expediting and better securing the workflow of ABA’s more than 400,000 professionals by providing them with free electronic signature services. The companies will offer professional members of ABA with free access to BlueInk’s platform that allows users to review, sign, and store documents safely and securely online from anywhere and on any device. 

ABA Blueprint selected BlueInk’s eSignature software to be the preferred provider due to its unmatched ability to ensure electronically signed documents are done with the highest level of protection and verifiable proof of delivery. Additionally, the platform will help increase efficiency and profitability for ABA Blueprint users by eliminating the need for traditional paper signings and providing a secure and protective eSignature process. Using BlueInk, professionals can prepare and deliver contracts and agreements with the protection of signer identity authentication, proof of delivery, and security of the BlueInk Certificate of Evidence.

“ABA Blueprint is delighted to enter this arrangement with BlueInk and bring our users the many efficiencies of technology their platform offers,” said Chad Burton, CEO of CuroLegal, which created and operates ABA Blueprint.  “BlueInk has demonstrated that professionals managing large quantities of documentation are able to do so with enhanced speed and assurance through their platform. The ability to manage the platform from any device and for recipients to read and sign documents from any device brings convenience to all parties.”

“BlueInk is thrilled to team up with one of the most well-known and reputable professional organizations in the world today,” said Faze Sharif, BlueInk CEO. “By partnering with them, we aim to revolutionize operations for law offices across the country and put ABA professionals on the cutting edge of their industry. Not only is our platform more convenient than traditional paper signing, but with our patented technology, every signing is secure, protected, and confirmed.”

ABOUT ABA Blueprint was created as a partnership between the American Bar Association and CuroLegal to help small firms run more modern law practices. This includes the Bluerprint Bot that provides customized recommendations for legal professionals and a Resource Center that include leading vendors serving small firms.

ABOUT BLUEINK - BlueInk is the creator of patented eSignature software that integrates seamlessly into any existing workflow. Our flexible platform offers comprehensive security and protection, while custom reusable templates allow users to create signature-ready documents on the fly that clients can review and sign from anywhere. Manage all important paperwork from the Dashboard and know the status of all documents and deals in real time. To find out more, visit us at, contact Seth Kelly at, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @BlueInk360.

Source: American Bar Association


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