bluecap™ Marries Emotional and Natural Language Intelligence for Conversation-Driven Business Intelligence

Introducing bluecap™

bluecap™ is an AI meeting intelligence developed by Uncanny Lab Ltd to enhance the meeting experience for meeting hosts and attendees. One of the primary aims of the software is to allow meeting participants to focus on the meeting itself instead of ancillary tasks such as note-taking. bluecap™ accomplishes this by taking a full transcript and recording of the meeting and then crafting it into a concise executive summary. bluecap™ also uses all gathered telemetry to create an advanced analysis of performance and sentiment. After deriving a deep understanding of context, it makes suggestions of possible follow-up actions and further automates populating customer data platforms with cognitive insights.

bluecap™ utilizes the gathered telemetry to create and automate comprehensive profiles of each contact and organization. Every interaction is measured, analyzed, and visualized with actionable business KPIs. This enables users, at a glance, to determine the health of a relationship and, with further analysis, dig deeply into the exact cause of potential rifts or even upswings. 

bluecap™ in a team environment helps everyone with powerful team-related augmented analytics and actionable dashboards. It discovers risks and opportunities to maximize everyone's potential. bluecap™ enables insights such as quantifying the ratio of on-topic discussion vs off-top discussion and extracting aggregated or individual trends that lead to impactful business decisions. It also allows users to truly measure their effectiveness and time management concerning the number of meetings, duration, and participants.

Organizations can further extract insights by configuring entities such as competitors' products, services, or initiatives to get insights into how customers react to these various contexts. This allows for advanced forecasting and AI-suggested interventions in relationships. This also provides natural feedback in the context of a conversation rather than an interview or survey. bluecap™ enables an unbiased and unprecedented voice of customers in near real-time.

The key to bluecap's ability to automate human-like cognitive tasks and provide quantifiable analysis of relationships comes from the recent progress in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It uses multiple layers of narrow intelligence, including speech-to-text, speaker diarization, sentiment analysis, natural language understanding/generation (NLU/NLG), etc. Pretrained models with large sets of data such as GPT-3, Amazon Comprehend, Google NLP AI, AutoML, Autopilot, and more were used to accelerate and augment initial training data, application development, and to enhance application features. Uncanny Lab partnered with Google Cloud to deploy bluecap's multi-cloud environment and its data pipeline automation, sensitive data security with confidential computing and scalability with adaptive cloud computing.

As of now, bluecap™ is generally available. The organization has future plans to further expand its technology to in-office and hybrid meetings, as well as telephony and social media. bluecap™ will be offering private cloud and increased on-premise resource utilization for customers with added data protection in the coming months. The long-term goal is to create accurate relationship management and business intelligence solutions to bring a unified view of all communications channels and relationships under one umbrella without significantly reducing digital labour.

About UC Lab

Uncanny Lab Ltd. (UC Lab), founded in 2020, is a Google Global Technology Partner, helping businesses adopt optimal paths to cloud maturity, building solid data strategy and foundation for ML and AI, intelligent data pipelines and more. In June 2021, the company initiated the bluecap project to augment meeting experiences and productivity. bluecap™ is now generally integration-ready with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

Uncanny Lab Ltd works in various industries, including insurance, healthcare, marketing, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce and not-for-profit.

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