Blue Telecom Consulting Becomes a Tele2 Partner in the IoT Space

Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC®) provides its M2M Active Monitoring System to Tele2. BlueTC and Tele2 also announce a Partner Agreement with the main purpose of generating commercial synergies in the IoT (Internet of Things) space and promote the development of IoT projects in Europe.

 Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC®) is to provide its M2M Active Monitoring System to Tele2 Sverige AB (Tele2). The main interest of the operator of Swedish origin lies in the system’s ability to passively and actively monitor key performance indicators in its own or third party roaming networks. Tele2 will initially be employing the monitoring system in its global machine-to-machine (M2M) cellular networks, thus enabling optimisation and the tailoring of services to vertical customers’ specific needs for machine connectivity.

BlueTC’s solution, named M2M Active Monitoring System, is a robust, non-intrusive and cloud based system for monitoring key 2G, 3G and 4G network parameters in real-time. It can control and analyse all service layers, from radio access to OTT applications via IP, SMS and voice.

Tele2's ability to manage M2M global connectivity and services in any vertical sectors combined with our capabilities within active monitoring, constitutes a unique and highly powerful tool both for Tele2 and for its IoT customers.

Miguel Angel Garcia Matatoros, CEO of Blue Telecom Consulting

Thus, BlueTC provides M2M/IoT operators with an internal tool for measuring network performance from chosen strategic positions and collect data relevant to its business based on a series of KPIs. This information may be analysed and employed directly for the areas of O&M (Operations & Maintenance), as well as for optimisation purposes if combined with network analytics techniques.

In this sense, the M2M Active Monitoring System will allow Tele2 to actively track the performance of its cellular networks end-to-end, including third party roaming networks. Tele2 achieves actionable insights that will lead to network optimisation, efficiencies and provisioning of tailored machine connectivity and related services to existing and new IoT customers. This is essential in mission critical industries like security, healthcare, automotive, etc. but also of particular value to any IoT application or solution with global reach.

The two companies, that offer complementary services and solutions within the M2M and IoT ecosystem worldwide, also announce a Partner Agreement within the IoT space. Already today common efforts are being made in industry events, for instance at the IoT Talks (formerly M2M Talks) that Tele2 hosts together with its partners, customers and potential customers in their main markets around Europe and also its Lead2 Succeed 2.0 conference in Stockholm on March 17th.

Through common projects, Tele2 and Blue Telecom Consulting will continue to explore new ways for business customers to ensure efficient and optimal IoT service delivery strategies in a series of verticals sectors. 

About Blue Telecom Consulting

BlueTC is an independent, international telecommunications consultancy that offers specialized solutions and consulting services aimed at evolving and optimising telecom networks to operators, system integrators and network equipment vendors.

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