Blue Stingray Digital Ad Agency Introduces Latest Game Winning Equipment Storefront -

Blue Stingray Digital Ad Agency's launch of new e-commerce site marks first venture for Team Athletic Group, Inc. (TAG) into direct-to-consumer sales.

Blue Stingray Digital Ad Agency introduced a comprehensive new e-commerce site for TAG, allowing the sports equipment distributor to sell their merchandise directly to consumers for the first time in their over 30 year history.

The new site, in addition to showcasing all of TAG's available products, will feature:

· HTML5 product animations
· A 'Tips Corner' for coaches and parents
· Current industry news
· An animated dealer locator
· Informational videos
· Downloadable catalogues
· Team discounts

Along with the creation of a new website, Blue Stingray has assisted TAG with branding, market strategizing, social media, photography and videos for both online and print media. TAG's new website can be found at

About Blue Stingray

Blue Stingray is a full service digital ad agency that specializes in building custom APIs, cloud and mobile apps, digital branding, and digital marketing campaigns, as well as custom interactive marketing contests and games for Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies.

When laid off by his previous employer in March of 2010, Brian Rehg, CEO, was forced to adapt and take initiative, and founded Blue Stingray the following day. When asked about how it all began, Rehg states, "Six months after starting my business, while the company I was previously employed at continued to struggle and increase layoffs, I had just hired my first employee. Business was good. We moved into our current office shortly after and now have five full-time employees." In addition to serving clients such as Pepsi and Monsanto, Rehg has been invited to speak at two recent seminars at nationally recognized universities because of the company's rapid growth and success. For more information, visit Blue Stingray's website at