Blue Bell, PA Native Returning Home From Middle East After Teaching Kindergarten for 7 Years Abroad

Ex-patriots facing difficulty returning home during coronavirus pandemic

Ms. Charnitski in Oman

Danielle Charnitski, a Kindergarten teacher with the American International School system will return home after seven years of teaching in Muscat, Oman on the Persian Gulf. Although the airports in the Persian Gulf are closed due to the global pandemic, the American Embassy arranged a few flights for citizens of the United States to return home to the U.S. from Oman. Mr. Stephen Charnitski shares the details of his daughter's safe return, including the end of her school year and her travel plans to return to the US.

As with most teachers, Ms. Charnitski’s final days of the school year were disrupted by the pandemic, however, this was her final year at the school and her hopes of a happy goodbye to her colleagues and students were not realized. Ms. Charnitski, or as her students call her, Ms. Dani, finished her final year at the school teaching over the Internet through distance learning. Although the school year ended several weeks ago, the teachers were unable to return home to the United States or their next assignments across the globe because the Airports in the region are closed. The teachers were unable to exchange final goodbyes, however, some of the students had an opportunity to arrange a goodbye with Ms. Dani via drive byes or video chat.

The American Embassy in Muscat, Oman did arrange a few flights out of the country and Ms. Dani was able to secure a seat on one of those planes for Saturday, June 20. Dani's family is grateful for her safe return and will welcome her with a "Safe Distanced Welcome" as she returns home to Blue Bell on Saturday Evening.

Source: Stephen Chartnitski