BLU3 Launches Guided Tours Featuring Tankless Diving

Pilot program offers divers unique opportunity to explore underwater without bulky scuba gear

BLU3 is launching a unique underwater experience this summer with guided tours featuring their tankless diving system, Nemo.

Divers who participate in the underwater experience will use BLU3's Nemo dive system, which is a battery-powered, custom-designed compressor designed to float right behind and above divers. Tankless scuba diving combines the simplicity of snorkeling and the thrill of scuba diving.

The guided tour is a diving experience designed for those who have previously snorkeled. Participants will have the opportunity to adventure alongside an authorized BLU3 dive guide. The guide will provide hands-on training and guidance so newcomers can learn to comfortably dive at 10 feet for 45 minutes. The tour serves as an excellent introduction to diving while bridging the gap between snorkeling and diving. During the tour, divers will be able to immerse themselves in the underwater world without the hassle and weight of heavy scuba gear/equipment.

Participants will watch a 15-minute introductory video either before arriving or upon arrival at the guided tour location. Then, they will meet up with their dive guide to go over lessons, skills and drills before heading off to explore. Participants will then follow their dive guide through a thrilling underwater adventure. 

Divers who participate in a guided tour will have the chance to be introduced to the Nemo product and the underwater world that awaits without having to purchase the system. However, divers can put some of the guided tour fee toward the purchase of a Nemo system.

"We want to turn more people into water lovers," said Blake Carmichael, President and CEO of BLU3. "For all of us water lovers at Brownie's Marine Group, our deep care for the ocean came from the memories we created while playing in it. With the guided tours, we want to provide people not only with lasting memories but give people a gateway into this hobby of diving that so many people miss out on. And we plan to do this by offering our middle ground between snorkeling and scuba diving, where a void has existed for such a long time."

The guided tour location in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is just the first of what will be many similar locations around the world. More Florida locations are expected to open soon with more announcements coming in the near future.

With this pilot program, BLU3 also is inviting new tour operators to come and learn their processes and guidelines. If you are interested in becoming a BLU3 Dive Guide, visit BLU3's website to apply.

Schedule a guided tour today, and discover the adventure of tankless diving with BLU3's Nemo diving system.

Please direct inquiries to:
David Golubev
954-388-5650 ext. 150

Source: BLU3