Bloomington Dental Clinic Helps Replace Lost Teeth Naturally and Effectively

Dr. Haseen Syed offers affordable and effective dental implants in Bloomington. Implants are the healthiest and natural way to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are the most effective method to replace missing or lost tooth claims Dr. Hassena Syed. Through her Bloomington dental clinic, the dentist has helped hundreds of patients replace their teeth naturally.

“Unlike dentures, implants do not become loose. And neither does it affect oral health- they do not need bridges to be anchored between other teeth. The only prerequisite to the treatment is that patients should have healthy gums and enough bones to support the implant,” says the dentist.

The process includes surgically replacing the missing root with metal frames into the jawbone. This keeps the bone tissues strong and prevents them from being lost. Once the frames are in place, a porcelain crown helps to replace the missing tooth.

“Dental implants need special care. Patients have to follow a meticulous oral hygiene. This includes routine dental checkups, daily brushing and flossing, etc. Patients with diabetes should control their sugar levels to prevent bone loss and implant failure,” adds the dentist.

Patients visiting the clinic for dental implant in Bloomington MN are thoroughly evaluated and examined to determine if the process is feasible. This includes examining the patient’s medical history to check for conditions like diabetes, performing dental examination and radiograph to evaluate bone density and position. Similarly, smokers and people of the older age group are unlikely candidates for successful dental implants.

Dr. Syed can help to replace more than one tooth. “When multiple teeth need replacement (in a row) we plan prosthesis to reduce treatment costs. We also factor in other aspects such as the condition of the jawbone,” says the dentist.

Compared to other dental procedures, implants are expensive. Depending on the patient’s budget and the oral health, Dr. Syed typically uses two types of implants- endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants.

About Distinctive Dental Care:

The Distinctive Dental Care clinic is managed by Dr. Haseen Syed. She is a board certified dentist offering family dentistry in Bloomington and serves as the Adjunct Faculty in the University of Minnesota.

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The Distinctive Dental Care clinic is managed by Dr. Haseen Syed.

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