Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric Provides Helpful Tips for Homeowners for Important Spring/Summer Maintenance

Northern New Jersey HVAC Contractor Advises That Routine Semi-Annual System Checks Maintain Efficiency, Lower Costs

With summer coming, there’s still time to make sure your central air conditioning system is ready for the heat and the pressures of the season. Michael DeJoseph, president of Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, Inc. in Little Falls, New Jersey, reminds homeowners about important routine maintenance tasks your HVAC professional should perform at this time of year (with others, equally as important in the fall to prepare for winter).

“Semi-annual system maintenance protects your system and your investment from breakdowns that could end up costing far more to repair if problems go unnoticed,” said DeJoseph, whose company is a multiple Angie’s List Super Service award-winner. “After all, it’s cost effective to fix a minor problem before it gets out of hand and becomes expensive to correct.”

Routine maintenance also ensures that a central air system will run as efficiently as possible and more reliably during peak times. “Just as you wouldn’t let your car run for many thousands of miles without an oil change or engine check, the same goes for your HVAC unit,” said DeJoseph.

When the air conditioning contractor shows up, DeJoseph recommends the homeowner asks if the following tasks are on the punch list.

  • Check the refrigerant charge — Refrigerant cools the air in the home and depending on which make and model of central air conditioning unit you have will inform how much refrigerant you need. Make sure the technician checks the refrigerant lines for any necessary repairs. Note that in the U.S., HVAC service contractors must have an EPA refrigerant usage certification in order to buy refrigerant and to repair systems that contain ozone-depleting refrigerants (CFCs) which are typically used in older air conditioning systems. Your technician must know which type to use on your unit.
  • Change the air filters — Air filters grab the billions of particles floating through your home as the air circulates, thereby delivering better air quality and protecting the system. Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric recommends high-efficiency pleated air filters, which have an electrostatic charge that attracts the tiniest particles, including pet dander and bacteria spores. These must be changed a few times a year to ensure the circulated air is as clean as possible and to reduce system wear and tear, and to lower energy costs by reducing the power needed to do the job.
  • Blow out the drain system ​— It’s important to clear debris and make sure the condensate drain for the air conditioner is not clogged. A clear drain avoids wasting energy and putting undue load on the unit (which will send out less cool air if the drain is obstructed). A properly maintained condensate drain enables the water to flow from a tray that captures it to a drain. Obstructions can cause water damage to the unit and in the winter, this can create high humidity levels that promote the growth or mold or bacteria buildup.
  • Clean the condenser coil — Before any cleaning happens, the technician should remove the condenser covers or blankets outside (if they were put on in the winter) and ensure that the unit is intact after the winter. The suction line, which helps supply cool refrigerant back to the compressor in the outdoor unit, should be properly insulated (damaged insulation should be noted and addressed) to maintain optimal cooling. All debris (vegetation or trash) that has collected on and around the outdoor coil must be cleared in order to get the best possible performance from your system with good air flow. Any mulch put down around the compressor should not be packed too high.

“Semi-annual maintenance prolongs the life of your HVAC system, keeps your energy costs in line and avoids costly repairs,” said DeJoseph. “Our certified HVAC technicians perform the proper seasonal maintenance, notify homeowners right away of potential problems and will provide an estimate for any repair work that they deem necessary to support the central air conditioning system.”

In addition to its recognition by Angie’s List consumers for superior service, the company has been named Best HVAC Contractor three years in a row by the readers of Suburban Essex magazine in the annual Best of Essex Readers’ Choice Awards. Contact Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric for an HVAC maintenance appointment, or for a quote on updating an existing system or installing a new one at 973-237-0505. For more information about its HVAC services, visit


Source: Bloomfield Cooling, Heating & Electric, Inc.


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