Bloom Pregnancy & Parenting App Now on Android!

Give & Seek advice, Discuss concerns and Share stories. Buy & Sell locally. Meet moms nearby. Bloom is a private social network for pregnant women and new moms. 

Bloom, a mobile-centric social community built for pregnant women and new moms, is set to be launched on Android. This launch follows the strong success of the app on iOS and Windows Phone, with consistent feedback from new moms saying they love Bloom and can't continue their day without it. Due to the popular demand for the app, they are expanding to ensure that moms and moms-to-be with Android phones can also benefit from its features.

Bloom’s growing demand has been due to the fact that it provides pregnant women with an outlet to connect with other moms and moms-to-be, so they can give and seek advice, discuss concerns, and share stories in a safe and judgement-free environment, no matter how sensitive the subject. A popular feature of this is the option given to users to post either as themselves or anonymously. “I found it wonderful that there are a lot of people from everywhere that use this app and they would all do their best to support and help you through what you were experiencing. You never felt alone,” said Stephanie, a Bloom user.

The increasing popularity of the app has also been due to the unique way in which it allows users to buy, sell, and trade kids and prenatal goods and services, and even set up meetups or playdates. Unlike other Pregnancy and Parenting apps available today, Bloom upholds the belief that the buying and selling of used items should be a natural extension to discussions. “At Bloom we believe a conversation with your neighbors and friends is a natural way to progress into a transaction. It saves time and you trust their advice more than a search engine giving you feedback from someone far away and years ago,” said Manuj Bahl, CEO and creator of Bloom.

Another reason for Bloom’s expanding user base is its extra features that make it stand out from similar free apps. These tools include a tracker for doctor’s appointments and the contraction and kick counters. Molly, one of Bloom's most active users, has talked about the Journal tool, her favorite available on the app. “For me, this was amazing because I literally journaled to my son my experiences every single day, every appointment, every feeling I had and every thought that I just wanted to share with him.”

However, Bloom is not just used by moms. It also appeals to first-time dads, therefore contributing to its success. “I am going to be a first-time father, and whenever my pregnant wife was concerned, I was concerned,” said Red Russak, a Bloom user. “Thanks to Bloom, she was able to consult with other experienced pregnant women in real-time, and as a couple, we were able to feel confident that everything was going to be okay.” Now, this facility will be available to fathers using Android phones.

Bloom was created by Manuj Bahl in response to his wife's frustration with the lack of quality pregnancy apps and resources available.

Since launching the new service in September 2015, the app has seen some exceptional traction just by organic growth, with over 13,000 installs in just 5 months and an average response time for questions of under 3 minutes.

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Manuj Bahl 

Source: Bloom Network Inc.


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