BlockFrame Inc., BlockChain Development Community and New Cyber Frontier Announce a Public Blockchain to Increase Individual Privacy

'Privacy for the People,' a grassroots effort for demanding individuals' privacy, is releasing a public blockchain for securing state records and enabling an open marketplace

'Privacy for the People'

The BlockChain Development Community (BCDC) ( and partners from New Cyber Frontier ( and BlockFrame Inc. ( announce a new crowdfunding campaign that went live on Oct. 22, 2019, on to support the future development and expansion of new blockchain platforms to increase individual privacy.

Colorado Senate Bill SB18-086 was signed into law in May 2018, with broad bipartisan support, to apply blockchain technologies for better security for state records. Since then, more than 220 volunteers and 30+ software developers have been building a blockchain distributed ledger to meet Colorado requirements, to resolve many limiting design issues with current public blockchains and to support a secure and indefinitely scalable global information marketplace. The platform developed from that effort is now ready for initial public release. 

BCDC members have volunteered thousands of hours of development time, often with their own facilities, computers and money, to produce an open platform without direct government or large corporate sponsorship. To maintain the momentum for a secure service for individual digital privacy rights – which today is often at risk from cyber-attacks from billions of dollars invested by criminals, hackers, large international corporations, and nation-states – BCDC is seeking $500,000 from crowd-sourced funding to support the completion of its next development phase: Funding from people, and responsible to people, to support the digital privacy rights of the people.   

Over the next 60 days, our partner New Cyber Frontier, the internet cyber-security show with the largest listenership in the world, will support the BCDC crowd-sourced funding campaign.

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About BlockChain Development Community

The BlockChain Development Community is a group of over 220 volunteers and 30+ software developers that have been backing legislation passed in Colorado for supporting blockchain distributed ledger technologies for securing state records. This public blockchain is ready for initial public release, and with your help, we can speed up this delivery process. 

For more information, contact: Jared Horvat, (719) 582-7459,

Source: BlockFrame Inc.

About BCDC

BlockChain Development Community(BCDC) is a group of over 220 volunteers & 30 software developers that support legislation passed in Colorado. This legislation is mandating blockchain distributed ledger technology to secure state records for privacy.

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