Blockchain-Based Antifragile Fund, BoCG Ventures, Announces Board Leadership Appointment of Richard Walden, JD


Bothnia Consulting Group is proud to announce the addition of the distinguished and prominent humanitarian figure and attorney, Richard Walden, to its Board of Directors. Walden is one the most trusted voices and brands for disaster aid relief, international development, and global public health legislation.

Richard has served as Co-Founder and CEO of Operation USA for 43 years - an international disaster relief and development agency helping global communities overcome the effects of disasters, disease, violence and endemic poverty. Since inception, OpUSA has deployed more than $450 million across 100 countries. The organization partners with groups such as the United Nations, NASA, and International Rescue Committee. Strategic partnerships include Honeywell, Milton Giving Fund, Sony Music Group, and Stryker. Celebrity affiliates include Julie Andrews, Barbara Streisand, Sharon Stone, Rosario Dawson, Bill Maher, George Hamilton and Jackson Browne.

"The addition of Richard will accelerate our efforts to become a market leader in finding and funding innovative portfolio companies. Our ethos is to democratize antifragile assets - whether that democratization means business model innovations that make expensive items more affordable, fractionalization of assets for distribution, or new service models. Over the past 4 decades, Richard has shown the world how thinking outside the box can cut through the red tape and get things done and we are thrilled to have his counsel." - Lyon Kassab, Managing Partner

As a BoCG Ventures advisor, Richard will oversee the social impact of our venture portfolios from a philanthropic lens. He will play a role in the development of our partnership funnel of globally minded financiers, private institutions, and high net worth individuals. Richard intends to focus his efforts on ensuring that we develop a CSR backbone focusing on underserved and emerging regions. 

"I have been around many entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and thriving businesses that go from 0-100 throughout my lifetime. When I was introduced to the intimate operations at BoCG, I knew that it was not only a differentiated model, but also a tool to close the innovation failure gap. Having been a spectator to the accomplishments of the leadership team, I jumped at the opportunity to become a part of this dynamic group." - Richard Walden

Prior to Operation USA, Richard served on California's Health Facilities Commission under Edmund G. Brown (California), Jr., Mayor John Lindsay (New York) and holds close ties with current public officials - including Mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom. Walden attended UPenn for Economics, the Wharton School of Finance, and University of Pennsylvania Law School while remaining active in the State Bar of California. He currently serves as a board member to select high-growth companies.

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Source: Bothnia Consulting Group