Blockchain Authentication Revolutionized With Unique Genome-Based Decentralized Technology by SGMCHAIN

SGMCHAIN Developed Genome-Based Non-Replaceable DID for unrivaled security applications

SGMCHAIN Decentralize Identifiers2 genome DID technology

SGMCHAIN is a next-generation blockchain company, proving it with its strategy - announced on April 5 - to develop irreplaceable DID (Decentralized Identifiers). Their strategy includes advanced technology by grafting genome big data owned by EDGC, a global genome business, on SGMCHAIN's 300,000TPS (Transactions Per Second) mainnet.

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Decentralized Identifiers (DID) have been rigorously tested through their use in numerous security situations: electronic identification, fingerprint, and facial (iris) recognition as a digital certification method. SGMCHAIN and Eone Diagnomics Genome Center Co., Ltd. (EDGC) created a unique method to create a DID using a genome that is unique to each person.

SGMCHAIN revolutionizes the issuance, submission, and authentication process of existing certificates. SGMCHAIN then grafts the EDGC's "YouWho Engine" to critical DID authentication industries such as banking, card, medical, healthcare, and metaverse. The focus is "preoccupancy", meaning, the DID reside in the basic infrastructure of the digital economy through genomic information. This proof of rights is embedded into the blockchain itself.

The SGMCHAIN mainet, the world's fastest proven 300,000 (TPS) combined with EDGC's independent genomic big data technology, is now working on building an irreplaceable digital authentication system by transplanting unique personal genomic information into DID.

EDGC's "YouWho Engine's" advanced technology based on genomic big data uses platform-based technology that can produce sustained profits when utilized and positioned, like a music copyright, in continued daily use in key industries such as medicine, pharmaceutical, development, and healthcare. The technology can be adapted and used in many areas of everyday life - finance, communication, and gaming.

SGMCHAIN is a mainnet company, specializing in development to customize use for each area. This blockchain technology company runs a private mainnet to supply businesses or governments as well as decentralized public mainnet technology.

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EDGC is a Korean/US joint corporation established in 2013 and has completed SAM registration - an essential requirement for the US federal government to qualify for tenders and deliveries to enter and participate in the U.S. procurement market. As a global genome business leader, they manage business projects with the world's most influential BT and IT companies such as Illumina and Microsoft. Specifically, they are the only partner in Asia in the global megaproject 'Global Screening Array Project', which is comprised of only twelve companies worldwide.

"Combined with EDGC's outstanding genome analysis technology and SGMCHAIN's blockchain mainnet technology at 300,000 TPS technology, the genome-based DID provides unrivaled features in the global DID market. As the blockchain ecosystem expands, typical users will recognize the usefulness of this technology in their daily life," says Sun Park, CEO of SGMCHAIN. 

A report from market research solutions provider 'ReportLinker' predicts that the global DID market will grow to $3.58 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 71%.

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