Block Studios Taps Viral Entertainment Leader BVIRAL for Advisory Board Position

Block Studios is building the web3 infrastructure for the creator economy, and they have partnered with major players in viral entertainment for the release of its first product — KUDO, officially tapping BVIRAL for an advisory board position and strategic growth partner in the development and launch of their latest NFT platform. This partnership will gain Block Studios access to critical insights from BVIRAL surrounding creator partnerships, viral content, and growth strategies that will feed the collective growth of KUDO and future endeavors from the company. 

On partnering with BVIRAL, Marshall Seese, Chief Strategy Officer of Block Studios, stated, "When putting together our partnership strategy for the creator economy, BVIRAL was the obvious first choice. Not only do they represent top-tier TikTok creators, they also have their own library and profiles filled with viral hits. They saw the vision immediately and have been indispensable in navigating the industry."

Mike Dominick, Chief Growth Officer of BVIRAL, added, "It's a pleasure to partner with Block Studios and their team as they grow KUDO. BVIRAL has extensive experience in creator monetization opportunities across our network of top TikTok creators and owned & operated properties. Aiding in the growth of KUDO creates a mutually beneficial opportunity for our creators in getting early access to this unique NFT platform built for viral videos." 

BVIRAL is a tech-centric media publisher and entertainment studio headquartered in Nashville, TN. Owning viral media properties such as their flagship brand BVIRAL, Land of Floof, Oof Dynasty, Best Videos, and more, BVIRAL's content reaches over 1 billion views each month. Operating within the services of content licensing, original productions and creator partnerships, BVIRAL's primary focus is to consistently provide its Gen Z viewers with highly entertaining short-form video content.

KUDO is a gamified, digital collectibles platform for viral videos. It's been designed from the ground up to create a new type of web3 ecosystem around the internet's most popular content. Creators, agencies and partners can monetize their existing content collection through a platform that drives fan engagement, deep value and meaningful utility through gamification.

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Source: BVIRAL