Blitzbinary, the World's First Financial Free-to-Play Game Goes Live on Google Play and the App Store

Playnance games, published their first financial casual game on the Play store today (October 27th 2020).

​Blitzbinary - a simple and fun binary options game developed by Playnance games - is completely free to play, with loads of bonuses and surprises. It's easy to understand and very simple to use, anyone can play it, from the savviest trader to the ones that never have even seen a trading platform before. This game can get users playing for hours as the bonuses keep on coming and the game-play is fast and engaging. 

"We want to make trading fun and free for everyone," explains Moran Signer, Playnance's CMO. "Binary options gaming is a fun experience, one that you want to share with everyone." 

Blitzbinary was developed and designed by financial services veterans. A bunch of fin-tech geeks that know exactly how to squeeze the sweetest lemonade from some pretty sour lemons. Binary options trading was very popular worldwide until just a few years ago. The industry took a wrong turn, and became one of the more known ways for people to risk it all or win it all. One can guess where most of the money went. No, It wasn't sent back to the traders who tried their luck, the house was the big winner back then.

Well, we are not here to gush about the past, the future of financial gaming is far more interesting. First of all, it's important to say that the Playnance's financial games are completely free to play with in-app purchases available. This is a new category in the casual gaming field. For the first time ever, people can really enjoy trading for the fun and thrill of it, risking it all or winning big. The gameplay is based on real-time market rates, which adds more excitement to the game.

Blitzcoin is the virtual currency the app uses as part of the game and is also all we have to offer as there are no real money rewards here.

Playing Blitzbinary will make players realize that the feeling traders get when they trade speed options, trading on virtual fun money can be way more thrilling than any other real life trade.

The game-play is simple, all you need to do is choose whether a specific asset (i.e. Bitcoin, Amazon, Tesla, Gold..) will go up or down in the next 7-180 seconds. You can adjust the trade amount starting as low as 50B.

It's the first time players can really enjoy trading just for the thrill and fun of it. The game is tailored for the ones who are interested in the financial world, as well as for the ones who like winning and playing casual games. Not far from perfect for most players on the play store. 

That's why it's one of the most exciting app releases of 2020. 

Imagine a world where trading is a game and money is earned simply by playing and sharing your games. This is exactly the goal of the blitzbinary mobile app.

Blitzbinary is intended for amusement purposes only and does not offer 'real money' trading, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on free trading gameplay.

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