BlindData Announces Sponsorship of MIT Battlecode and ACM ICPC

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Battlecode computer programming competition

Technical recruiting startup BlindData will be sponsoring MIT’s annual Battlecode computer programming competition. In Battlecode, contestants design an artificial intelligence (AI) for a virtual strategy game. The AI must explore the game’s map to find resources and build robot units to battle the other teams. Students from around the country will enter with the aim of winning the upcoming final tournament in February. 

BlindData is a tech startup providing adaptive assessments for software engineering talent. By evaluating programmers on their ability to read and write code, BlindData helps employers go beyond the resume to make the right technical hires. The company connects top-scoring candidates to jobs and offers employers the ability to integrate BlindData’s assessments into their own hiring process.

BlindData recently sponsored several regional events for the 2020 Intercollegiate Programming Competition (ICPC), another storied and prestigious programming competition for undergraduate students. The five-hour ICPC is unique in limiting teams of three students to the use of a single computer, emphasizing the need for communication and team strategy to maximize limited resources.

Through sponsorship, BlindData aims to give back to a community it sees as vital in developing the programmers of tomorrow. “Programming contests do a great job of offering well-defined, challenging tasks with immediate feedback,” said Saketh Are, BlindData’s CTO. “They’re an ideal environment to learn in and provide a real spark for many students who are passionate about computer science.”

BlindData’s adaptive programming assessments are available to all employers as a free 90-day trial.

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