BLC Global, a group of companies focused on the energy future, is launched on the market

With more than 35 years of experience, the new identity of BLC Global group was launched on the market. This change reflects the need to expand further its global presence with its innovative technological solutions.

BLC Global a group of companies with focus on the energy future is launched into the market

The experience and recognition in different markets, such as energy, oil, utilities and industrial gives the group the necessary foundations to promote the growth and evolution of the company. BLC Global develops technological solutions with expert knowledge, allowing the creation of excellent products. BLC Global comprises five companies.

BLC Power Generation has more than 30 years of experience, its product is called Optimum PG, and is a suite of applications that uses the latest technological tools to monitor, control and optimize the management of electricity generation assets.

BLC Oil & Gas is focused on optimizing oil and gas production by generating information in real time. Its product, Optimum O&G, allows optimization and remote control of oil fields, by maintaining hydrocarbon production operations safe and in an optimum performance.

ESG Utilities develops and applies SmartMetering, SmartCity and SmartGrid solutions in terms of data acquisition, exploitation and supervision. It offers its product: Optimum MDM, a new platform that allows energy distributors to carry out Smart Grid Management by using large data volumes.

BLC Industrial Services puts all its maintenance experience into its new and innovative product, called Optimum INDRONE. It is developed with Artificial Intelligence techniques, allowing faults and any anomaly to be detected, to prepare optimized action plans for its customers.

BLC IT Innovation, the group's startup, is in charge of promoting business opportunities through the development of products with embedded knowledge.

In this new stage, Carlos Cerrutti, CEO of BLC Global, voiced: "After more than 35 years on the market, we believe it is necessary to make this integration as a group to evolve and position ourselves as a benchmark for technological solutions in the global energy market."

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