Blaze Verify Partners With Stream to Improve Email Deliverability and ROI

​Leading email verification solution Blaze Verify partnered with game-changing API feed and chat builder Stream to bring affordable and easy-to-use email verification solutions to the users of their open-source application, Combase. The partnership enables Stream’s Combase users to improve ROI from email marketing campaigns and deliverability altogether.

Email verification is an essential step in any email marketing campaign. As businesses grow their lists, they add the liability of fake, misspelled, or undeliverable addresses. If not correctly cleaned, sending emails to these addresses can cause campaigns to land in the spam folder. A damaged sender reputation and compromised inbox placement are detrimental to a business’ email marketing strategy. Blaze Verify helps remove the problems associated with undeliverable email addresses by offering user-friendly email verification solutions for businesses of all sizes. Blaze Verify provides comprehensive and reliable results, as well as a 98% deliverability guarantee, so companies can be confident in the results they receive. 

“We are excited to allow customers to use Stream Chat within Combase as a complete customer chat solution,” said Thierry Schellenbach, CEO of Stream. “Allowing users to gain the benefits of Blaze Verify’s email verification service is a critical piece of that total solution.”

Regarding the partnership, CEO of Blaze Verify Sean Heilweil said, “It’s essential that businesses regularly clean their lists and remove bad email addresses. We’re excited to partner with Stream to provide their users with quick and dependable email verification, so they know the data they collect is legitimate.”

Blaze Verify allows businesses to get the most of their email data by providing additional information on quality, gender, name, and more. High-quality, reliable information on email lists leads to more successful email marketing campaigns and higher ROI. The union between Stream and Blaze Verify provides Stream users with knowledge of their data, higher deliverability, and the ability to send more effective email marketing campaigns. 

To learn more about Blaze Verify and Stream’s partnership, click here.

About Blaze Verify

Blaze Verify, an industry-leading email verification solution, provides real-time list cleaning that improves data quality, deliverability, and email marketing ROI. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, Blaze Verify makes list cleaning accessible for businesses of all sizes. Providing user-friendly email verification solutions designed to improve email marketing campaigns, Blaze Verify helps companies to protect their domain reputation and save money while doing so.

About Stream

Initially founded in the Netherlands, Stream joined Techstars' accelerator and opened an office in Boulder, Colorado. Stream provides businesses with affordable and accessible feed and chat technology for their applications to increase engagement, retention, and conversion. Stream’s offering allows companies to scale easier and grow faster without worrying about the scalability of their infrastructure.

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