Blackbox Announces the Launch of Its Global Media Outlet, Providing Information on Japanese Startups and Ecosystems

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Blackbox, a media outlet for startup stakeholders who are interested in the Japanese startup landscape but did not have access to boots-on-the-ground information — until now. Queue, Inc., headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, was commissioned by Shibuya-ku's Startup Support Project, a project to build a global startup ecosystem.

Queue, Inc. already provides the Business Development Departments of Japanese companies with SUNRYSE, a database that communicates information on startups from around the world. Through Blackbox, we will ensure that this information becomes a two-way street, promoting information on current Japanese startups to startup stakeholders around the world.

What Blackbox achieves

Blackbox communicates the Japanese startup scene to the world in an open and fair manner. 

In current-day Japan, there is so much going on behind the scenes. Sensing that Japan was falling behind in the tech industry, both public and private companies have dedicated money, effort, and legislature towards reinvigorating the Japanese startup ecosystem. This includes new initiatives to attract and foster startups from abroad.

The problem is not many people outside Japan know this. 

At Blackbox, we want to make as many people as possible aware of what is happening in Japan right now and what opportunities and possibilities exist in relation to startups in Japan. By presenting startup news and stories in English, we hope to raise awareness of startup-related movements in Japan as a whole and, in the future, attract international founders, startups and funds as well.

About Shibuya Startup Support

Shibuya Startup Support is one of the projects of Shibuya City to support international startups and entrepreneurs, and acts as a concierge to support the launch and growth of businesses in Shibuya City. SSS provides support for procedures such as visa acquisition and registration for overseas startups, admin for acquiring office space, housing, and bank loans, as well as advice on social implementation, support for community participation, and other support projects for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

Shibuya City considers it an issue that Japan has almost no media that disseminate news about the local startup scene in English. Based on this, Shibuya City believes that the establishment of a media outlet that transmits information on the Japanese startup scene to the rest of the world will promote Japan to the world and attract foreign human resources and investment centered on Shibuya, thereby accelerating the internationalization of the startup industry and the creation of innovation in Japan as well as in Shibuya.

What does Blackbox Publish?

News: news and market trends related to startups
Insights: long-form articles on domestic startup trends
Interviews: with founders active in Japan

Introduction of the first round of interviews

Bilal Kharouni
ekei labs / co-founder

Wei Chai
MaWaRoute / co-founder

Jun Iinuma
alphaspace inc / Co-founder & CEO
nuuma inc / CEO

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