Blackberry's Research in Motion Pulling All the Stops to Survive

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The recent storms that have been tormenting Blackberry and Research In Motion (R.I.M) have painfully been very public. The shareholders are getting worried about the cell phone giant's longevity in the industry. Although left with one very important card in their roster, Blackberry sees a potentially bleak future especially with the giant killer operating system Android.

RIM are promising that their new cell phone operating system, Blackberry 10 is going to wow customers and competitors alike with its advanced features. Diehard fans believe every word sent out by this formerly silent company but critics are already exchanging their Blackberry cell phones for other brands.

The money is one of the biggest monkeys on the cell phone manufacturer's back. There simply isn't enough capital to pursue research and realization of Blackberry 10. Shareholders are not willing to pump in the cash until they et a good homework report from the company and the emergency fund is dwindling. Well, as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

The cell phone giant is looking to raise funds by selling off their corporate jets globally. In the company's possession are two high end corporate jets. These are the nine-seater Dassault f50EX and the fourteen seater version of the same. These are fully luxury fitted with the smaller one having Swiss made wood finish and gold plating on the hardware parts.

Both jets are said to be worth over seven million dollars apiece and the company is putting them up for auction to assist in reaching the one billion dollar mark required to save the drowning company.

In addition to selling off their planes, Blackberry is looking to further push down production costs by axing over a third of its total workforce. This means that over four thousand nine hundred workers may have to pack their bags and leave the cell phone giant's roster. The struggle to survive came up in Blackberry due to the massively popular Apple iPhone and the even more popular Google Android phones.

A bid to salvage the boat was made when RIM released the Blackberry Playbook but the latter could not live up to the competition posed by the Apple iPad and presentations by independent companies like Samsung.

It is ironical that Blackberry is suffering at the hands of other Smartphone manufacturers while it practically invented the world's first range of Smartphones. However, at the struggling giant, hopes are high for the Blackberry 10 operating system software due for release early in the year 2013.

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