Black-Woman Owned Online Shoe Boutique Celebrates First Anniversary With All Items on Sale

Photo of Low Heel No Heel Owner, Shannon Ashmore- McMath

Shannon Ashmore-McMath founded Low Heel No Heel in 2019. Low Heel No Heel is a Black Woman-owned online shoe boutique that specializes in offering women’s shoes that are affordable, comfortable, and under 4 inches tall. The company offers free shipping on all orders over $50 and no monthly subscriptions and just celebrated their first full year in business. To honor their first year in business, the entire site is on sale!

“The goal was to provide women with stylish footwear options that can be worn for all occasions,” says Shannon who is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She continues, “We just completed our first full year in business. Like many other small businesses, we were also affected by the pandemic; however, we are grateful to still be in business due to the unwavering support of our customers and remain optimistic regarding our future. We are hoping to inspire other women and minority entrepreneurs to do the same as well.”

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