Black & White Debuts on Evergreen Podcasts

This Podcast is an Invitation for All of Us to Be Better, Do Better and Live Better, Together.

Black & White - New Podcast Hosted by Stephen Dorsey

Evergreen Podcasts announces a new, limited series in partnership with author Stephen Dorsey called Black & White, where Dorsey challenges the status quo and addresses tough topics centered on "White Advantage," Systemic Inequality and paths to change.

Black & White offers a deep-dive into racial discourse. Dorsey, a seasoned business strategist, creative director, and expert communicator brings his skills as a connector of people and ideas to guide revealing and uncomfortable discussions.

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"Black & White takes a deep-dive into topics and realities of systemic racism and inequality with a hopeful optimism and multicultural perspective that focuses on change and how we can come together as individuals and as a society to do better and hold everyone gently to account," says Dorsey,  Canadian-born author and principal of The Fractional CMO, a strategic management consultancy. He also is a founding member of the grassroots organization Democracy House, which is dedicated to preserving and strengthening liberal democratic ideals.

"Stephen is a lifelong colleague and dear friend," says David Allen Moss, Evergreen's Chief Creative Officer. "We are grateful to have Black & White join our growing roster of new voices opening up the conversation around BIPOC issues and experiences. It's authors and community builders like Stephen that hold Evergreen and our industry to a higher standard, and help ignite our mission to 'capture the everyday color and diversity of modern makers.'"

Dorsey has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to pursuing personal and professional passions that took  him around the world, including engaging with Fortune 1000 organizations and people of all backgrounds. 

"My race duality has given me a unique perspective on both the Black and white experience in Canada. What became most evident to me — most universal — was an important need for building bridges of understanding between Black and white Canadians; a need to inform and educate so that hopefully, in due time, we can achieve real change," Dorsey says, relating that his experiences inform his writings and the Black & White podcast.

Dorsey says of the Evergreen debut, "The idea with Black & White is to hold every one of us gently to account; a podcast for the ally in all of us."

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