Black Friday Now Comes With a Price Increase if You're a Snorer.

Procrastinators Be Warned, There's No Discount If Your Snoring Is Disturbing Everyone This Thanksgiving.

Zyppah Green Box

A new concept of increasing prices on Black Friday just may be what the doctor ordered.  While many American’s stand in lines or camp out overnight to get insane discounts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Zyppah, the snoring device proven to work on NBC Nightly News just announced its increasing its price on Black Friday.  Why?  Because who wants to spend another Thanksgiving holiday in a house full of snorers.  Especially given all of the tryptophan from eating a huge turkey dinner, snoring on Thanksgiving is somewhat inevitable.

Shoppers are encouraged to purchase the device before Black Friday to get a special discounted price so they can have one before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Zyppah’s popular and brash announcer, Brooklyn Jimmy can be heard daily throughout the US talking about how Zyppah isn’t rewarding procrastination by putting off buying the things you need until Black Friday. Instead of discounting the price on Black Friday, the executives at Zyppah decided to keep the current low price of the device good up to Black Friday when the price will go up permanently.

While the Zyppah Jimmy commercials are entertaining the topic of snoring is very serious. Millions of people in U.S. snore and therefore do not get the proper rest they need. Snoring leads to crankiness, daytime fatigue, drowsy driving and substandard performance.

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About Zyppah

ZYPPAH, Inc. is an A+ Rated BBB company and the manufacturer of ZYPPAH hybrid oral appliance for snoring. All of the ZYPPAH snoring devices are safe and effective, manufactured in the USA and cleared by the FDA. Dr. Jonathan Greenburg is the founder and CEO, and invented the only hybrid oral appliance that combines a mandibular advancement device with a patented stabilizing band for the tongue.  The combination of treatments represent a paradigm shift for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. ZYPPAH comes in three styles, Original (Green), Pink and Military.

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