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Fabian Scott - Creator & President of

"I built for numerous reasons, one of which was that I felt like I had to do something, personally, for black communities, not just mine but all. This is my way of giving back and stepping up. Not everyone can attend protests and speeches and that isn’t everyone’s calling. This is mine. I just want to fulfill my role, as a black man in society, a man my parents raised. Everyone can help, one way to do that is to buy black. Support black businesses and help to strengthen our economic standpoint." -- Fabian Scott, President

Unity is strength

Financial trends boast the tremendous purchasing power of the black community and as yet, these finances have been under-utilized, in our own populace. Do we lack the financial acumen, knowledge or commitment to do what is necessary for the black community to excel. The team at do not believe this is the case.

Despite having an abundance of both professional and successful people among us, whether that includes athletic professionals, college graduates, business owners or entrepreneurs, those numbers are not enhancing our communities in the competitive global economy in which our neighborhoods benefit. We are not oblivious to the collective contributions to the harsh existence of some of our surroundings. Blacks are said to spend not only dispensable cash to the benefit of other thriving areas but also essential income, therefore increasing the riches of every community other than our own. intend to circulate such buying and selling power at a higher rate, amongst the community, thereby reversing the bottleneck effect.

“Let us get up from the foot of our 400-year-old enemy and stop being beggars and start thinking of ourselves as builders!” -- Minister Louis Farrakhan

Research has proven that the black purchasing power can reach and exceed $1.1 trillion. This number may be astonishing, what is more astounding, however, is that these dollars are not circulated within the black community long enough to make any impact. This purchasing power is tremendous and can be harnessed to alleviate the condition of neighborhoods in need and the people that inhabit these communities, as a result.

It has also been researched that the trillions of dollars from our spending last approximately 6 hours in the community before finding its way outside of our economy and into other financially driven enterprises where it lasts from 7 to 28 days.

This cannot be life.

"What can we do? We can put our hard earned money back into the black populace. We can and must invest in financial literacy; for ourselves and our children, parents and grandparents. This is a crucial piece, as the more we engage our families and ourselves in investing our earnings and savings in black businesses; our economic growth will be insurmountable. The effect of this will empower and strengthen our voice in society." -- Fabian Scott

Patronizing black-owned establishments, the likes of which will be featured here on, is a great way to begin keeping our hard-earned money in circulation, one easy click at a time. Local entrepreneurs deserve to be supported. Patronizing community-owned establishments is another great way to to keep local dollars, local.

“Who you give your money to, is who you give your power to.” -- Frederick Douglass

Trafek is a black-owned marketplace for black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. At Trafek, visitors are at liberty to decide how and when they choose to participate in a marketplace rife with opportunity. This platform can be utilized to sell products, showcase hand-made articles and purchase items. is well-designed and user-friendly, organized for everyone; not just the millennial but also the grandparents of our communities and their parents. At, people will be able to locate every day items with ease and even the eclectic pieces the likes of which are found in niche bargain outlets and major department stores., is a one of a kind brand and are committed to offering quality products and customer service to visitors and patrons. Trafek is a family of people, not necessarily bonded by lineage but by common goals: to uplift our community one click at a time. So, feel at home when you visit, enter as a friend and when exiting, do so as family, as we hope to welcome your time here often.

Customer service at Trafek, is our most focused attribute. Of course we value every purchase, however, we are the springboard for our sellers and we are a quality driven website: customer satisfaction is our most valued commodity.

Trafek is always open to new people and great talent, if you are interested in becoming a vendor please use our sign-up options and in just a few clicks, you could be ready to showcase and start earning from your very own business, today!


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