Black Belt Community Foundation and Alabama State Council on the Arts - Museums in the Black Belt Workshop

The Black Belt Community Foundation and the Alabama State Council on The Arts Present a Valuable Workshop Opportunity to Help Museum Professionals Across the Alabama Black Belt. - "Stronger Museums in Alabama's Black Belt" Workshop

 On Saturday, January 23rd,  from 8:30am – 3:30pm at WALLACE COMMUNITY COLLEGE in the HANK SANDERS TECHNOLOGY BUILDING in Selma, Alabama, The BLACK BELT COMMUNITY FOUNDATION with the support of the ALABAMA STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS will present the “Stronger Museums in Alabama’s Black Belt” Workshop to aid museum professionals across the ALABAMA BLACK BELT region.

                        Workshop highlights will include:

·       Gain Greater Knowledge of What Has Worked and Not Worked for Other Museums 

·       Learn How to Gather Information and What Information is Needed to Start a Museum 

·       How to Use Social Media Effectively to Market Your Museum 

·       Learn the 1, 2, 3’s of Budgeting and How to Fund Your Museum 

·       Gain Greater Understanding of Programming and How it Applies to Your Museum 

The workshop is free to participate in, but you must register in advance with the Black Belt Community Foundation by e-mailing for a registration form.   A FREE  breakfast and luncheon will be provided, but due to the special nature of the workshop, participation must be limited to the first 25 registrants.


 FOR BLACK BELT COMMUNITY FOUNDATION MEDIA INQUIRIES:  Daron K. Harris, Publicist BBCF  256.592.9153, email

Or Contact BBCF Offices at (334) 874-1126

About The Black Belt Community Foundation:

The Black Belt Community Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to work with all of our citizens to help improve the quality of life in a region that stretches from Mississippi to Georgia.  The 12-county area that is our focus is almost one-sixth of the land area of the state.  It is home for nearly a quarter of a million people.  Rich in human, geographic, cultural and economic diversity, Alabama’s Black Belt got its name from the rich, dark soil found here.  The area also is home to the highest percentage of African American Residents in Alabama.

The Black Belt Community Foundation’s mission is to forge a collective stream of giving.  Founded in 2004 with the idea that those living and working in the Black Belt best knew the area’s challenges and opportunities, the Black Belt Community Foundation actively puts needed resources into the region to make a lasting impact.  The foundation operates in three main areas:  Giving (BBCF awards community program and arts grants to over 100 nonprofits in the region each year); Receiving (BBCF is actively working to raise the profile of philanthropy in the region, encouraging gifts from individuals and organizations of all sizes from across the state and around the world); and Growing (BBCF offers leadership training, organizational capacity building, and community collaboration to grow the skills needed to transform our communities).  Through these areas, BBCF’s focus is to consolidate many region-wide improvement efforts into a common effort with a simple mission:  “taking what we have to make what we need.”

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