A New-Generation Dating Website Is Launched, a project of a new generation in online-dating sphere, was launched in 2014. It is based on the psychological case study results, which make the partner search easier, and the communication - more interesting and exciting. automatically adapts to user's data by several parameters like country, city, age and interests. Thus, the system pre-selects possible partners and picks candidates, who fit the automatic random acquaintances at the most.

Besides, Blabroom offers a unique interactive communication method for the dialogs in chat, which are based on the questions database of

The questions were prepared by specialists in relationship psychology, journalists and experts in the art of seduction and flirt.

The communication at doesn't start with trivial "Hello! How are you?", ridiculous compliments and obscenities. It will be based on original questions, which will help users to open up, get to know each other better and find out whether they are really compatible.

"We know the market really well, and we are aware of the fact that people are not interested in standard models of online-communication and outdated web-projects anymore, - claims Alexander Krotov, one of the co-founders. — There is something we can contrast with clumsy dating websites."

At this point the website audience is young people aged up to 25 from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Soon the project will be adapted to different age and social groups of users from all over the world.

In the nearest future Blabroom plans to gain success in the North America marketplace, starting with Canada. Moreover, the company was commended by analytics and potential investors of the Californian Silicon Valley. A year ago the project received investment from Imperious Group; and now Blabroom is open for possible capital investment.

"We launched with the most loyal and rapidly growing audience, - says company CEO Alexander Yakovlev. - A new round of investment is ahead, as well as scaling and entry into Western and Asian markets. The website structure is flexible to modifications and allows easy adapting the service for different languages, cultural peculiarities and preferences of many users."

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Alexander Yakovlev, CEO, co-founder

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