Bitvast - A Digital Asset Platform, Experiences Massive Growth Due To Liquidity Pools And Cold Storage Policy

With Bitvast, users around the world can trade and invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Today, the platforms trading volumes exceed 15 million USDC, partly in response to Bitvast's liquidity pools, cold storage policy, advanced interface and multi-layered security.

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Bitvast, the world’s premier Bitcoin exchange and digital asset platform is currently experiencing massive user growth since their launch in December 2018 in response to its unique approach to market liquidity and a 100% cold storage policy.

Bitvast prides itself in its advanced trading interface, which allows users from around the world to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies of their choice in just a few simple clicks whilst being on a liquid market with minimal slippage. From the same interface, Bitvast users can easily manage their digital wallet to deposit, withdraw and keep track of their digital asset portfolio, while also taking advantage of advanced trading tools for experienced traders.

“We continue to experience massive growth in response to our liquidity pools and 100% cold storage policy. Traders are looking for safer trading platforms due to the growing threat of hacks and malicious attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges that still run hot wallets. Just this year alone over $100 MLN of cryptocurrency was stolen off exchanges through large scale hacks, traders want a safer platform to use — which we provide for them. Given our advanced trading interface, multi-layered security, and industry low fees, we expect Bitvast to continue being the leading digital asset platform for cryptocurrency investors around the world for the foreseeable future.” — Bitvast CEO, Guy Gibbon.

Another unique aspect to Bitvast is its privacy approach — new users do not have to go through lengthy KYC measures in order to start trading. Bitvast traders can participate in any cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency market immediately. 

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About Bitvast

Bitvast is a fast, simple and secure platform that allows users around the world to trade their digital assets on a liquid, global platform. Based in South Africa, Bitvast has been the growing platform of choice for over 50,000 cryptocurrency traders around the world since December 2018.

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