Bittele Electronics Boosts Turnkey PCB Service With Automated Conformal Coating Capabilities

Bittele Electronics Inc., a Toronto-based PCB Assembly house specializing in prototype and low-to-mid volume printed circuit board fabrication and assembly services, announced today that it offers conformal coating services for Full Turnkey PCB Service customers at both of its facilities in Canada and China. Using an automated selective coating process, as well as a wide variety of coating materials, Bittele achieves high quality, reliability and consistent results.

Bittele Electronics has a variety of options to suit a customer's conformal coating needs. It offers both urethane- and acrylic-based conformal coatings, depending upon the PCB's operating environment and other customer requirements.

For critical environments, urethane-based coatings are used, which offer very good resistance against moisture and condensation, and excellent protection against corrosion and abrasion. ELPEGUARD SL 1301 ECO-FLZ is used in China, and MG Chemicals MG4223F is used in Canada.

For less harsh conditions, acrylic resin coatings are used. These can be soldered through for rework purposes and are also removable with a thinner. ELPEGUARD SL 1307 FLZ is used in China, and MG Chemicals MG419D is used in Canada.

Upon request, Bittele can also provide silicone, epoxy or paracyclophane-based conformal coatings.

"Along with our conformal coating service, we also offer Functional Circuit Testing to ensure functionality before the coating is applied," says Ben Yang, CEO of Bittele Electronics. "For production orders, we offer a fully automated conformal coating service to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained."

For inquiries relating to conformal coating needs, please contact your account manager or for more information.

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