BITTECH Has Developed a 14-Nm ASIC Bittech One With High Performance

Young Asian company Bittech Ltd presented an innovative model of the cryptocurrency miner Bittech One on May 28, 2018.

BITTECH One miner

A new generation chip BT0014, made in Taiwan, is one of the most important advantages of the equipment. Bittech Ltd specialists developed it using the 14nm advanced technology, which allowed to create chips with better energy efficiency.

Bittech One has a decent performance of 28 Th/s. At the same time, the miner shows both moderate consumption indicators for such a capacity power – 2,200W, and a low noise level – 57 dB.

The device is equipped with two built-in server power units Mitsuoka, 1,400W each, with the “hot swapping” option. The compact dimensions (570*380*200 mm, 12 kg) of the Bittech One open ample opportunities for usage.

An innovative cryptominer was released by Hong Kong-based Bittech Ltd. It specializes in the production of new ASIC miners, developing technical and software solutions for them. Its catalog presents modern equipment with decent performance and energy efficiency.

Bittech offers its customers a colocation contract – a unique service from the miner manufacturer. It allows hosting the purchased cryptominer in the data center of the company to ensure its stable operation, while reducing the cost of the miner delivery, infrastructure and maintenance. Bittech is currently building four modern data centers in Canada, Iceland, Estonia, and Russia, the latter being located in the Irkutsk region and scheduled for launch in September 2018.

The manufacturer has already started accepting orders for the new Bittech One model the delivery of the first lot is scheduled for August 15, 2018, the price is $1,590 per unit.


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BITTECH is a global technological company. The company mission is to make cryptocurrency mining a legal, easy, and reliable way to earn money.

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