BitNautic - The Launching of a Decentralized Shipping and Finance Platform

Decentralized Shipping and Finance Platform

BitNautic is a leading decentralized shipping and finance platform, launched in 2018. It is a global company that specializes in blockchain-based shipping solutions. The founders' core team has extensive experience in the cargo industry, logistics, programming, IT, and blockchain services.

The platform comes with distinctive features like an AI-based booking system, real-time tracking of cargo and ships, and an e-commerce platform. It makes it possible for the community to do shipping business with the security of blockchain by providing solutions like creating bills of lading and buyer authorization on blockchain to avoid fraud.

Already in place, DeFi products are being used by BitNautic community members; currently, BTNT tokens are launched on Ethereum blockchain and are also bridged to Binance smart chain with total supply nearing to 100 million. 

The Launching of BitNautic DeFi Platforms

BitNautic has developed a DeFi ecosystem, which is driven by its community; it has its own Reward Token and Reward Mechanism. This truly makes it a Decentralized Platform.

  • DeFi LP Staking Platform

  • Direct Staking Platform

  • Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain Bridge

  • NFT based cargo booking system
  • Blockchain Based Bill of Lading

BTNT - The Native Currency of BitNautic

  • BTNT is a native currency of BitNautic ecosystem. Total supply of BTNT is 100 million and circulating supply is 20 million
  • BTNT is listed on centralized exchanges like Stex and Coinsbit. BTNT is also listed on decentralized exchanges like pancakeswap.

The Grand Loyalty network of BTNT :

BitNautic team is continuously engaging the community via AMAs, giveaways, marketing campaigns, etc. BitNautic has teamed up with an exclusive network to offer a variety of interesting features:

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Vision of Bitnautic for the future: 

For technology to play an important role in this industry, people must be effectively trained in order to foster a digital culture and prepare the workforce to use such tools on a daily basis. With high-end DeFi tools and blockchain-based applications, BitNautic has earned the confidence of its community. The price of the BTNT token is rising month on month as people are believing in the project and are holding the tokens in their wallet. BitNautic aims to deploy multiple Dapps relating to the shipping industry and bring all the transactions on the blockchain.

Summarizing Bitnautic plans & collaboration in the market 

The focus of BitNautic's in-solution development is on giving users immediate and direct benefits, as well as clean workflows, a refined user experience, and a future-proof, open architecture. Today, the company is forging alliances with leading regional and global manufacturers and service providers, and team members are actively participating in standard-forming bodies to ensure industry-wide interoperability.

At BitNautic, we work with clients, regulators, and policymakers around the world to understand their needs about the blockchain and shipping industry that are changing the face of business and government today. Our Blockchain-based infrastructure and shipping technology solutions are being developed in order to create innovative business models and disrupt traditional ones. Our deep business knowledge and global industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, risk, and financial advisory services assist organizations of all sizes in achieving their various shipping technology goals. 

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