Bitmetric Is Partnering With Infinity Insight as a Reseller of Iinsight for QlikView™

Bitmetric is Partnering with Infinity Insight To Help End Users Accelerate the Data Discovery Process and Make it Easily Shareable and Actionable via iinsight for QlikView™ The iinsight for QlikView™ extension streamlines note-taking, user notification and natural bookmarking workflows across all dashboard and analysis sheets and objects. The end result is "collaboration on steroids" - supercharged, timely, and insightful data exchange among all relevant users.

​Bitmetric, a leader in business intelligence, data warehousing and performance management, today announced it has partnered with Infinity Insight™ to act as a reseller for iinsight for QlikView™

 “While QlikView remains my preferred BI tool to help our clients get a complete picture of their business in order to make impactful decisions,” said Barry Harmsen, Business Intelligence Consultant of Bitmetric, “the platform has inherent limitations on the way data analysts, senior executives and end users can collaborate and share knowledge in real time.  First, native QlikView notes do not attach to particular data points, but only to objects—which is not where the insight typically is. Second, an author of a native QlikView note is not able to attract the attention of intended recipients; hoping that intended users will notice a note and act on it is not an effective BI tactic. Another limitation is that there is no way for the author to control which users should or should not have an access to a particular note. Likewise, hoping that unintended users will not notice a confidential note is clearly not a security best practice.”

"For Barry to recognize and endorse iinsight for QlikView™ as a solution to the collaboration limitations inherent in QlikView is possibly the best acknowledgement of our vision that we could ask for."

Vlad Gutkovsky, Director

“Thus, whenever QlikView users need to solicit feedback, share an insight, or assign a data discovery task, they have to resort to archaically either scheduling a web conference or taking screenshots of relevant data points in QlikView, pasting the images into Outlook and writing a lengthy email,” Harmsen laments. “Either method, unfortunately all too common, is disruptive and inefficient. If the email does not get completely lost in the flood of corporate communications, the idea and information flow becomes protracted with the inevitable loss of potentially actionable and timely data insights.”

“I feel that iinsight for QlikView™ simply and elegantly solves the annotation dilemma and shifts collaboration into a gear not available to QlikView users before. The notification mechanism has the familiar feel of common social media notifications, and is thus intuitive to users. Information can flow downward only or be bidirectional. The built-in management console makes it very easy to create distribution groups and assign read-only or editing rights to any authenticated users on a server. We are very pleased to partner with Infinity Insight and promote this solution to all our existing and new clients. I am confident that once QlikView users realize how simplified and accelerated information flow can become, they will readily want to adopt this tool and integrate it into their data analytics ecosystem.”

“We are not only excited to partner with Bitmetric and help unlock BI communications constraints for their clients,” said Vlad Gutkovsky, Director of Infinity Insight, Inc. “We are also extremely privileged to have a vote of confidence and endorsement from Barry Harmsen, one of the world’s most elite and renowned QlikView experts.”

“It was no surprise to me or to the rest of the Qlik world,” continues Gutkovsky, “that Barry Harmsen earned the very coveted and prestigious title of Qlik Luminary for the past three years in a row. Being one of the world’s foremost technical experts, although a huge achievement in its own right, is but a partial prerequisite for inductees. The driving factors for nomination and consideration are the individual’s depth of innovation and servant leadership. Qlik Luminaries challenge the technical status quo, constantly push the limits and find new ways to solve ever-changing business problems. But, most importantly, they readily and systemically share their knowledge with the Qlik community, and are always responsive and supportive of their fellow BI aficionados. Qlik Luminaries want others to benefit from their knowledge and grow together with them! For Barry to recognize and endorse iinsight for QlikView™  as a solution to the collaboration limitations inherent in QlikView is possibly the best acknowledgement of our vision that we could ask for.”

About Infinity Insight, Inc.

Infinity Insight, Inc., a thought leader in QlikView™ innovation, is a boutique consulting firm with the zest and know-how to quickly and elegantly solve “impossible” problems, and with the drive to deliver sustainable and scalable state-of-the-art BI implementations. Founded in 2012 by industry veteran, Vlad Gutkovsky, the company is renowned for customer success, unmatched training, and product excellence. Infinity Insight, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago.

About Bitmetric

Bitmetric is a boutique consulting firm, held in high esteem by academic and business communities alike for its immense technical expertise, content knowledge and drive for successful outcomes. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Netherlands, its main focus is the field of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Performance Management. Our team is passionate about the profession and about helping our clients. We strive for long-term relationships and design and develop high-quality technical and organizational solutions without losing the context of bigger business reality for our clients. Of course we will help you realize short-term successes, but we never forget the bigger picture in mind. Barry Harmsen co-authored the acclaimed book, QlikView 11 for Developers, and is the prolific author of the popular blog for QlikView and Qlik Sense enthusiasts,

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Qlik (NASDAQ: QLIK) is a leader in visual analytics. Its portfolio of products meets customers’ growing needs from reporting and self-service visual analysis to guided, embedded and custom analytics. Approximately 37,000 customers rely on Qlik solutions to gain meaning out of information from varied sources, exploring the hidden relationships within data that lead to insights that ignite good ideas. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, Qlik has offices around the world with more than 1700 partners covering more than 100 countries.