Bitior Cryptocurrency Exchange Added Support for 9 Fiat Currencies

Cryptocurrency exchange,, has added support for nine fiat currencies. US-based users can make fiat deposits with zero fees and trade a variety of fiat-to-crypto currency pairs. has added support for nine major fiat currencies. US-based customers of the cryptocurrency exchange can now perform deposits and withdrawals in the following currencies:

·         US dollar (USD)

·         Euro (EUR)

·         British Pound (GBP)

·         Canadian dollar (CAD)

·         Australian dollar (AUD)

·         Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

·         Chinese Yuan (CNY)

·         Brazilian Real (BRL)

·         Mexican Peso (MXN)

Bitior supports ACH and bank wire transfer payment methods for deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies originating at domestic banks. Users can deposit and withdraw funds from and to banks located outside the United States with international bank wire transfer.

There are no deposit fees. Withdrawal fees are $5.00 for ACH and $10.00 for bank wire transfer.

Users can add a payment method in just minutes by entering their online bank credentials or by manually entering their routing and account numbers.

Bitior customers can also trade a variety of fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto, and fiat-to-fiat currency pairs, such as BTC-USD, BTC-ETH, or EUR-USD, and more. Both crypto and fiat assets are stored in Bitior’s all-purpose wallet with multi-account and multi-user features. In order to streamline the user experience, the trading interface has been designed to identically execute every possible trading combination. Because ETH, BTC, or USD no longer require their own designated wallet or account, users can easily make trades, deposit, or withdrawals without learning the specifics of each currency.

“Our team is committed to making cryptocurrencies accessible to the widest range of users. Having a convenient fiat on/off-ramp is an absolute necessity for any cryptocurrency exchange,” said Sergey Nikitin, CEO and Head of Technology at Bitior. “We are proud to be number one in the US by the number of supported fiat currencies.”

Currently, the company is running a promotion offering zero trading fees for 90 days for new users.

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Bitior is the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, built from the ground up with intuitive user interface, basic and advanced trading tools, multiple payment options, and a wide range of trading pairs. It offers best-in-class trade execution speed, substantial liquidity, and very narrow spreads on popular trading pairs.

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