Bitcoin IRA Revolutionizes Retirement Industry With Its Cryptocurrency Based Investment Options

Bitcoin IRA is the only company offering cryptocurrency-based retirement investment portfolios with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin IRA, the only company offering cryptocurrency-based retirement investment portfolios, has negotiated first-of-its-kind agreements with leading retirement and cryptocurrency companies to allow customers to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum with their IRAs and 401ks.

Bitcoin IRA’s accomplishments with leading retirement custodian Kingdom Trust and leading cryptocurrency wallet BitGo™, represent a first for the industry. Together, this partnership creates a secured multi-signature encryption wallet from BitGo™ that enables Kingdom Trust to provide custodial services with a self-directed IRA.

The COO of Bitcoin IRA, Chris Kline, said,

“These are unique set-ups that no other retirement custodian is able to replicate. Our partnership with BitGo and our custom configuration with other partners provides a secure, one-of-a-kind investment opportunity for individuals that can’t be replicated in the marketplace.”

Bitcoin IRA has been featured in leading publications including the Wall Street Journal,, Barron’s, Investopedia and popular Bitcoin publishers and

In one of the articles, Drew Pierson from CoinDesk wrote,

“Cryptocurrency IRAs are no different than IRAs invested in more traditional options like stocks and bonds. The firm Bitcoin IRA is the only option for investors who wish to hold cryptocurrencies in their IRAs directly.”

Recently, Bitcoin IRA also launched Ethereum IRA, a similar investment product for Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency. The company has been evaluating releasing new cryptocurrencies on its proprietary SDIRA platform, along with new features being driven by demand from existing stakeholders and clients.

About Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is the only Bitcoin-based retirement investment portfolio that allows people to invest with actual bitcoins for their IRA or 401(k). The platform works with leading fintech professionals to provide secure, high-quality Bitcoin investments.

Bitcoin IRA offers both traditional and Roth IRA options, which offer the same tax incentives as regular IRAs and 401(k)s. The company differentiates itself from other bitcoin investment products in multiple ways. Unlike Bitcoin ETFs and investment funds, Bitcoin IRA offers an opportunity for individuals to invest in real bitcoin at a much lower fee. In addition, investors keep total control over their Bitcoin deposits, with no holding fees and the ability to withdraw once the term is over.

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Bitcoin IRA is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to FDIC and other consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only.

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