BitCasas Announces the BCAT - First Offering for BitCasas Capital Trust 1

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BitCasas Inc. (“BitCasas”) announced it has opened its first sponsored BCAT offering, or BitCasas Capital Trust 1 (“BCAT”), a U.S. real estate securities token.

BitCasas is a Silicon Valley-based startup that is building the world’s first online cross-border platform for making investments in mortgage loans backed by U.S. real estate. The BCAT portfolio is collateralized by performing loans backed by residential and commercial real estate based in the United States.

Historically, BitCasas and its managers have procured in excess of $30 million worth of loans. The BitCasas team consists of top-notch technologists and real estate professionals who have deep experience in the purchase, management and modification of loans collateralized by real estate. 

BitCasas’ patent-pending technology uses blockchain-based tokenization to enable fractional ownership of real estate mortgage loans. BitCasas, through the establishment of trusts, issues compliant Security Token Offerings (STOs) pursuant to regulations under the Securities Act of 1933, which offers exemptions from registration for the securities - appealing to both U.S.-accredited and non-U.S. investors.

While today’s offering magnifies the depth and breadth of an already strong real estate investment market, it places BitCasas atop a new operational dynamic. With this offering, BitCasas is the exclusive sponsor of BCAT- the only live securities token for mortgage loans backed by U.S. real estate. It plans to continue growing its presence and strengthening its competitive impact for investment possibilities as it broadens its activity in the U.S. residential and commercial real estate markets.  

For more information about the sponsor, visit or inquire at 

Contact – Kamran Mohammadi 408-410-2309,

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