Bistro Tables & Bases is Selling Outdoor Restaurant Furniture to Help Businesses Implement Social Distancing Protocols

Helping Restaurants and Cafés Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 with Commercial Outdoor Dining Furniture That Makes Social Distancing Possible.

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As one of the leading providers of professional-grade tables and chairs for commercial use, Bistro Tables & Bases offers a range of outdoor furniture that’s easy to clean and maintain.

As the government continues to ease the lockdown, businesses in the hospitality industry are setting up SOPs to help them maintain hygiene and sanitation standards while also making sure that social distancing directives are met. 

Restaurants are slowly returning to dine-in services and are required to follow and enforce strict, recommended distancing practices to ensure the safety of their customers and staff. To accomplish this, many restaurants are limiting indoor dining by seating more customers outside where there is ample space to keep them at a distance from each other and the restaurant staff.

Bistro Tables & Bases, a recognized restaurant furniture supplier has an extremely varied inventory ready to provide food-service businesses with easy to clean, high-quality tables designed for optimized seating. Their outdoor restaurant table tops and bases are commercial-grade and designed for durability.

In addition to tabletops and bases, their assorted inventory includes commercial restaurant umbrellas, chairs or barstools, and outdoor accessories in a variety of materials. From vintage wrought iron outdoor dining furniture for a classic look or aluminum outdoor furniture for something more modern and lightweight, there are options to suit the functional needs and decor of any restaurant.

Bistro Tables & Bases is here to help foodservice businesses re-open their dine-in services with in-stock, ready-to-order items for restaurants that need to set up or expand their outdoor space quickly. Interested readers can visit the website to browse their product selection and contact for more information.

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