Birkdale Place's First Annual Putting Contest Is A Resounding Success

Birkdale Place, a beautiful Ontario retirement community, hosted its first annual putting contest, a four-week event that pitted the men against the women. This contest was just one of many activities that the residents enjoy for a sense of community

In its first annual Masters Putting Contest held at the end of summer, Birkdale Place enjoyed a great turnout for the four-week-long event. The women narrowly defeated the men in this lively and fun competition that highlighted one of the many activities the retirement home's residents enjoy.

Birkdale Place hosted their first annual Masters Putting Contest during the last weeks of August and first of September, in a four-round, four-week-long test of putting skills that had a great turnout and positive reception from residents and staff alike. Hosted by the retirement community's own Peter Fisher, the event pitted the men against the women, with the women narrowly taking the prize.

Chris Jewitt and John Woods, owners of Birkdale, were of course enthusiastic to join in the fun. However, the fierce (but well-spirited) competition soon drove John to desperate ends with his attempt at using a hockey stick as his putting weapon of choice in the third round, but to no avail. The retirement community's ladies fought back with a vengeance and proved their putting talents by becoming the first victors in the annual indoor contest. "We had a lot of fun with the putting contest, and the awards ceremony was terrific," said John.

"These are the kinds of events we're going to continue to have because it keeps us in touch with our amazing residents in a fun and relaxing way," Chris added. Birkdale Place plans to continue the Masters Putting Contest next year in the hopes that the men will have honed their putting skills for a chance at the prize.

John, Chris, and their staff recognize a retirement community's need for activities and special events as a way to bring together its residents in friendship and mutual support. They're excited that the residents are embracing such new events as the putting contest, and hope that this winter's upcoming events and activities will continue in the same friendly spirit that's healthful for both body and mind.