Bioz Stars Awards 2021 Recognizing the World's Most Innovative Suppliers of Life Science Reagents, Kits, Instruments, and Tools

Bioz Stars Awards 2021

Bioz, Inc., a Silicon Valley AI data company for life science research, is excited to announce the 2021 Bioz Stars Award Winners in the following product categories: Antibodies, Centrifuges, Chemicals, COVID-19, CRISPR, Cytokines, ELISA, Enzymes, Epigenetics, Flow Cytometers, Inhibitors, Kits, Liquid Handlers, Mass Spec, MicroArrays, Microscopes, NGS, PCR, Peptides, qPCR Assays, Secondary Antibodies, Sequencing, Software, Sonicators, Stem Cells, Toxins, and Vectors. The prestigious Bioz Stars Awards recognize the world's most innovative suppliers for being leaders in their specific research category.

Bioz Stars Awards are one-of-a-kind, data-driven, objective and trusted, and are based on real-world measured successful product usage. The Bioz AI engine has analyzed over 300 million products from 50,000 suppliers to identify the products that 16 million researchers from around the world prefer. Award winners qualify for one or more of the following 4 awards:

  • Bioz All Star
  • Bioz Top Star
  • Bioz Rapid Star
  • Bioz Rising Star

The 2021 Bioz Stars award winners include: Abcam, ACROBiosystems, Addgene, Agilent, Alomone Labs, ALPCO, AnaSpec, Applied StemCell, ATCC, Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson, Bio-Rad, BioLegend, Boster Bio, Carbosynth, Carl Zeiss, Cayman, Cell Signaling Technology, Cosmo Bio, Covaris, Diagenode, DNASTAR, EpiCypher, Eppendorf, Genewiz, Gilson, GraphPad, Hettich, Hielscher, IDT, Illumina, 3i, Innopsys, Jackson Immuno, Jena, JEOL, List Labs, Lonza, Luminex, MathWorks, MCE, MilliporeSigma, Miltenyi Biotec, Nanostring, New England Biolabs, Nikon, Olympus, OrigGene, Oxford Nanopore, PeproTech, Promega, QIAGEN, Qsonica, R&D Systems, RoosterBio, Selleck Chemicals, Sino Biological, Takara, TargetMol, Tecan, Thermo Fisher, Toyobo, Vector Labs, Waters, and Zymo.

Bioz has become a global brand, attracting millions of researchers worldwide. This is the third year of the Bioz Stars Award program, which recognizes life science suppliers that are best in their class, and are ultimately helping to speed up drug discovery and the rate of success in finding cures for diseases.

"Patented Bioz AI algorithms select a Bioz Stars Award winner in each life science product category. The algorithms apply weighting and normalization to a multitude of objective data-driven parameters, including the number of product mentions, article recency, journal impact factor, and product usage trends," said Daniel Levitt, co-founder and CEO of Bioz.

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