Bioz and Quantabio Launch AI-Driven Citation Widgets to Provide Researchers With Real-Time Application Data

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Bioz, Inc., an innovative AI software company based in Silicon Valley, is excited to announce its partnership with Quantabio, a leading provider of advanced DNA and RNA amplification reagents for the most demanding molecular testing applications in applied, translational and life science research. With over 20,000 citations in the scientific literature, this partnership aims to highlight Quantabio’s significant impact on scientific research.

Quantabio is now displaying publications on their website using Bioz’s integrated citation widgets. The Bioz Content Hub hosts all of Quantabio’s publications on a standalone publications webpage, with a set of filters to guide users to the research that is most relevant to them. This tool is equipped with search functionality, a citation map, and links from each publication to guide users to the associated product webpages. This sophisticated integration supports customers in determining which products will be most applicable for their research, while enriching the Quantabio website with scientific content.

To highlight how each product has been used in scientific research, the Quantabio product webpages are now all displaying Bioz Badges. Bioz Badges provide users with excerpts and images from peer-reviewed publications, live citation counts, and objective Bioz Stars ratings, further supporting the product-validation process for Quantabio’s customers.

“We’ve already seen really great engagement with the Bioz Content Hub and Bioz Badges on our website,” said Brian Komorous, Head of Global Marketing, Applications & Support at Quantabio. He adds that ”We greatly appreciate the automated tracking of our publications; moreover, the searchability of publications, both within the content hub and the badges, has been beneficial both for our customers and for our internal teams.”

“The Quantabio product line has proven to be an essential resource for researchers focused on critical cloning, PCR, qPCR and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) based applications. We are very excited to be supporting Quantabio in displaying their publications, and empowering researchers,” said Dr. Karin Lachmi, Co-Founder and CRO of Bioz. 

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Bioz is the world's most advanced AI search engine for scientific experimentation. Evidence-based product ratings and recommendations guide scientists toward the most-validated products for their experiments, which accelerates research toward new discoveries. Bioz Badges and Bioz Content Hubs are advanced digital marketing solutions for product supplier websites to increase their user engagement and sales conversion.

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Bioz is the world's most advanced AI search engine for life science experimentation, empowering scientists in biopharma and academia to accelerate their research towards new discoveries.

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