BIORAY Kids Offers Free Back to School Webinar for Parents to Learn Solutions for Developmental Issues in Kids

Bioray Inc., a manufacturer of liquid herbal tinctures, announced the company is offering a free webinar for the upcoming school year regarding the negative impact environmental toxins have on kids' ability to pay attention and focus. Their specialty line of children's products, BIORAY Kids, has grown in popularity for parents looking to support their child's thinking skills.

​​​​​​​Billed as “Back to School with BIORAY Kids,” this webinar is specifically geared towards parents of school aged children.  Leading the webinar will be Stephanie Ray, BIORAY and BIORAY Kids, CEO and President. Among the topics to be covered are how all kids are exposed to toxins, and what parents can do to help their kids by safely and effectively removing toxins and supporting the different organ systems that are responsible for healthy growth and development. Many experts have suggested that an accumulation and buildup of these toxins may play a role in the growing rates of children with attention and focus issues in the classroom.

“As a company we often use webinars to train new practitioners or retail store workers on the benefits of the products. This will be the first time we have offered a webinar for the general public. Parent’s have their plates full as their children head back to school, often times the topic of health and what can be done to nutritionally maximize their child’s brain function tends to be overlooked,” said Ray.  

This will be the first time we have offered a webinar for the general public. Parent's have their plates full as their children head back to school, often times the topic of health and what can be done to nutritionally maximize their child's brain function tends to be overlooked.

Stephanie Ray, Bioray CEO

As founder and president of BIORAY, Stephanie Ray has over 20 years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine. Ray serves as the driving force behind BIORAY's line of dietary supplements for doctors and their patients. Over the last 10 years, Ray's interest has extended to supporting the detoxification and nutritional needs of children. As a grant sponsor for Generation Rescue, and with BIORAY's investigative studies with children, she realized that the increase of toxins in today's environment is having a detrimental impact on our children. She created BIORAY Kids, to address this pervasive issue. Ray says, “I created our children’s line so parents can have ease in their life and know when their child is taking BIORAY® Kids, they don’t have to worry so much.”  

“It’s obvious with the growing number of followers and page likes on the BIORAY Kids Facebook page, and the number of parents actively involved in the discussion linking common childhood developmental issues with the rise of toxins in our environment, that the need for BIORAY Kids products is worldwide. We are proud that BIORAY and BIORAY Kids are making such a significant impact so quickly for kids. This webinar is simply one more tool we can use to spread the word that there are things parents can do to help their child.” Ray concluded.

​BIORAY Kids products can be found in natural food stores throughout the United States including Sprouts Farmers Markets, Whole Foods and Mother’s Markets. For more information about Bioray Kids please visit or call 888-635-9582.


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