Bioray Announces Loving Energy Restorative Tonic Now Available in Larger Bottle Size

As more Americans suffer adrenal fatigue, Bioray Inc, the health and wellness innovators known for their plant based herbal tinctures, have announced popular product Loving Energy is now available in a 4oz size. This move was driven by popular demand and overwhelming feedback.

​​​​​​​​​Bioray Inc, the trailblazing manufacturer of liquid herbal tinctures based on traditional Chinese medicine, announced that their popular “Loving Energy” product is now being offered in a larger 4oz bottle size. Formerly only available in 2oz bottles, the company acknowledged that the larger bottle sizes were largely due to overwhelming customer demand.

“Loving Energy is a fantastic product that supports the body’s ability to handle stress. We’ve seen a gradual increase in popularity throughout the years, with a recent surge in orders. This goes to show people are looking for ways to increase their energy, feel good and manage their stress levels,” said Bioray President Stephanie Ray. “The request for larger bottles comes not only from our customer base of regular consumers and health conscious end users, but also from many of our practitioners.”

My daughter has always had words but now she has more sentences. When I started her on Loving Energy, she became calmer and I noticed a consistency in her sentences. Her sentences became much longer, using different formulations of words. This is the most obvious response I have seen within 2 weeks of starting any product. My daughter has actually never had a response like that. I noticed a difference with seasonal allergies as well.

Nitya R, Medical Professional

Loving Energy, is a restorative and calming Traditional Chinese Kidney Yin Tonic. Its ingredients are often used for relieving stress and exhaustion, for support of the lungs and the adrenal system, which in turn balances the body's histamine response. It is also largely heralded for its powerful adaptogenic properties, which has led many healthcare practitioners to realize it’s inherent value.

The benefits of the Loving Energy tonic is based on science. Toxins signal the adrenals to activate the "fight or flight" stress response when they are present and as they are being removed. Research shows sustained activation of the stress response system can lead to impairments in learning, memory, and the continued ability to deal with stress well. It is possible to buffer a "detox reaction" by supporting the adrenal reserves.

With reports aplenty on the increase of documented cases of health issues associated with stress in the United States, it is no surprise that a restorative and calming traditional Chinese kidney yin tonic, Loving Energy, would see a spike of interest. Researchers have found that external stress factors turn on certain genes which have the ability to disturb cellular development, identity and growth.

Bioray’s Product Specialist, Tami Wilken said, “Loving Energy has always been popular as a stand alone product, but since it has also been shown to provide an excellent buffering effect when used during detox, many people are adding it to their protocols to improve results. By using Loving Energy, at the beginning of a detoxification protocol, even very sensitive individuals feel better right away and can then tolerate the detoxification process with ease.”

For more information about Loving Energy, The Feel Good Tonic, please visit or call 949-305-7454.

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