Bioluminescent Kayaking Brings Countless Tourists to Florida

Bioluminescent Kayaking Tour in Florida

Florida Adventurer ( is gearing up to host tourists from around the world for its popular bioluminescence kayaking tours. This one-of-a-kind experience takes place when naturally-occurring dinoflagellate plankton light up the water, a magical process that can be observed from May through October, with peak season occurring in July through September.

There are just five places in the world where bioluminescence can be observed in the same location each year, and Titusville, Florida is the only place in the continental United States to do so. As a result, tourists from around the country and the world are heading to Florida for a chance to see this rare phenomenon up close and personal, greatly impacting overall tourism to the state.

Launching from the Indian River Lagoon, about an hour from The Walt Disney World Theme Park and Universal Studios, these tours are a popular draw for those visiting the Orlando area as well. For a truly authentic experience like no other, each tour is limited to a small, intimate group, and led by a trained guide. No two tours are alike, and each outing brings with it something new to experience, from stunning views of wildlife to a unique look at the evening sky. 

Featured in publications like Narcity Media, and National Geographic, Florida Adventurer (@fl_adventurer) has also garnered a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor. With participants traveling to Florida to experience bioluminescence like never before, many have taken to social media to share their experiences of this rare natural event.

Tourists looking to book a sought-after experience can do so online on the Florida Adventurer website. Available tours range from $55-$75 a person, and participants of at least 5 years of age and older can choose between a sunset tour (120 minutes), a tour with a traditional kayak (90 minutes), or a tour with a clear kayak (90 minutes). With the company's recent exposure and uptick in tour bookings, it's recommended to book a tour as soon as possible to experience the beauty and wonder of bioluminescence during its peak season.

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